Friday, August 28, 2009

RRO Talks with Jamie Jay - Accident Update!!

----I just got off of the phone with Jamie Jay and he talked to RRO about the 4 wheeler wreck. He told us that the 4 wheeler hit some gravel and dust. He hit an embankment going around 60 miles an hour. Jay said he felt at one point it might be “it”. He said it was like everything slowed down, “I am fixing to die is what I thought.”

----After the accident, he felt his head and neck was ok. He tried to stand up and his right leg gave way. After he called his friends and they arrive, there was blood everywhere – the 4 wheeler was messed up real bad. He said that the handle bars were completely bent and the 4 wheeler was totaled. Jamie was lying in the middle of the gravel and his friends thought Jay was dead. This accident probably occurred within 20 seconds – the whole thing and he said, even though he remembers none of it happening, he is in more pain than he has ever been in. First word on the injury is that he has ripped his muscles and tendons, but will get a full report on his injuries next week. Jay is schedule in September to work for the WWE, but does not if that will happen or not.

----As Jay talked about in his “Food For Thought” column this week, he broke his leg two days before his last scheduled tryout in 2005. RRO wishes him the best and we will keep you informed.