Friday, August 14, 2009

SnV This Saturday Night and Info About DVD!!

----Tony Myers of SnV sent along the colorful press release for their show this coming Saturday night August 15th, 2009 Memphis, TN at The Buccanneer!! Myers brand of garbage wrestling is not for everyone, but I had a fun time at the show I attended. And, believe it or not, RRO will be attending another SnV event before the end of the year!!

SPECIAL GUEST ANNOUNCER FOR SATURDAY WILL BE: well, fuck you! Come on out and find out. The guy is a legitimate SnV FUCKING LEGEND. One of the forefathers who helped lauch this mother fucker over 2 years ago is returning once again! We promise it will be huge, you won't believe who is going to join us this time around!!!

WOW! Announcer Chris Hart was slapped around a little bit by Psycho at the close of the last show SO-he has vowed that either Pappy T. Hellbilly or Pogo Wikkid Pankster either unseat Psycho for the Sick Fuck Championship of the Universe or HE WOULD SHAVE HIS HEAD! When it was brought up to Psycho if he was confident to put up his hair and THE Title and agree on the stips, as confirmation he not only nodded affirmatively but he HEAD-BUTTED the hapless announcer! It is ALL there on the last DVD so look below and see the great offer for that one. Soooooooooooooo biggest news this week:

It is settled, IT IS HAIR VS. HAIR WITH THE SICK FUCK CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE UNIVERSE ALL HANGING IN THE BALANCE AUGUST THE 15TH @ THE BUCCANEER! Both men have had long hair for the last 20 years and when SnV promises something, WE DELIVER IT!!!

...On that note, the very night and place where the incident occured, we at SnV wanted to personally GIVE THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED THE FUCKING DVD RELEASE PARTY! I MEAN OLD AND NEW OVER A DOZEN SnV PERSONALITIES ATTENDED and ANOTHER 50 or so new fans came out! You people fucking rule!!!
Just $12 shipped and everything. For the latest DVD and if you wanna buy one, here is our contact info:
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