Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Arena Report: DCW Jonesboro, AR 9.19.09

Scott Hall

----First I would like to thank all the people [non-workers] that came up to me to just say "Hi" that are readers of the site. I think it was a record for a single show. Thanks for all the nice compliments and encouragement. I see the hits every day, but it is nice to have people walk up to you to tell you how much they enjoy the web site. A "shout out" to a special reader of the site - you know who you are - you are a true conservationist!! You made me laugh all night!!

----John Allen vs Kid Krazy ended in a draw. Not a great bout, but nothing real bad. Just a little psychology, but not totally solid in that department either. Krazy has some nice smooth moves - dropkick and springboard legdrop look real good. He hit a moonsault where Allen put his legs up. Also took a big bump from a dropkick to the floor. [*1/2]

----Lord Humongous/Scott Hall beat Sid Vicious/Pokerface. Hall got the mic and did "Hey Yo" and did the survey gimmick. Crowd was hot for it. Hall threw a few toothpicks at Vicious and Poker. Hall took the heat. Even though Hall/Vicious were in the ring, Poker was the star here. He made everyone look like a million bucks. Hall pulled Poker's trunks up in his butt during the shine. Hall took a good beating though and sold great for Poker. Hot tag to Huey. Ref bump. JD Kerry ran out with ref shirt on as Huey rolled up Sid for the pin and win. [**1/2]

----Gary Diamond beat Donnie Rush. A bad match. Rush is a green rookie and got scared and confused. It happens. Diamond tried his best and sit him down in a resthold, but nothing would work. Finally Diamond with a powerslam for the win. [DUD] After the match Tejano Kid with Dominique jump Diamond and beat the hell out of him. Tejeno can get the the heat. Fans were wanting to charge the ring. Dominique also is good at getting heat on the mic.

----Lucky beat Rude. This is one of those bouts that all the rookies need to watch. This was the best bout I have ever seen Lucky in. Just basic psychology. Scott Hall did commentary in the "Crow's Nest". Rude just gave him a few hope spots and then Lucky came out of heat with a swinging DDT for the win. [**1/2]

----Soultrain Jones beat Ron Rage with Raven. Solid bout with them doing nothing special. Basic psychology which seem to get off around the end. Jones seem to get lost. He has a lot of potiental. He hit a good dropkick and pretty suplex. He finished Rage off with a powerslam. [**]

----Tejano Kid with Dominque beat Lavert. Fans were into the bout, but not much psychology. It was more like Tejano would get a little heat and then let Lavert do some comeback and back & forth, instead of extended heat. Fans would pop every time Lavert hit something. They hate Tejano. Tejano used a chain for the win. [**] After the match, Brittany Star jumped Dominque. Tejano ended up DDTing Star. Diamond made the save to set up Diamond/Star vs Dominque/Tejano next week.

----JD Kerry beat Logan Fury. They wrestled in the start. Good shine. Logan started the heat when Kerry's shoulder went into the ringpost. Kerry hit a sweet springboard dropkick. Logan throws some legit looking knees. Kerry threw Logan off the top turnbuckle for for DKO. Kerry comeback using a "Canadian destroyer" variation move, then up to the top for a frogsplash. [**3/4]

----"Dynasty" [Blalok the Blazer/Mike Anthony] with Reno Diamond beat "Natural Born Playas" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] in the best bout of the show. This was a fun match to watch with perfect psychology with a twist. Heels gave the babys about 75% of the bout in a long shine for them. Move after move, it would backfire on the heels. Good stuff. Heat on Southside. Everyone looked real good here. Southside hit an "Emerald Fusion" for a DKO. Hot tag to Pimp. Blalok used a chain for them to get a win. [***1/2]

----Rodney Mack with Jazz vs Ron McClarity with Angel-Lena/The Boss ruled no contest in a match for the DCW title. This was probably the best bout I have seen Mack in. Basic psychology. Mack did mat work, arm drags and armbars for the shine. Crowd was hot for it. 10 punch in the corner and McClarity got a spinebuster from the second rope. McClarity worked hard here. Ron missed a legrop from the second rope with Mack making the comeback. Mack hit the ref with the spear. The Boss jumped in. Soultrain Jones made the save to set up Mack/Jazz/Jones vs McClarity/Angel-Lena/The Boss. [***1/4]


----I would say close to 225 in the building or more. Crowd was hot, even at the end of nine matches...I like Krazy. I would like to see him in the ring with a Stan Lee or even Tatt2...Hall was wearing a T-shirt that had a razor on it and it said, "For life". Hall introduced himself to everyone in the dressing room shaking everyone's hand. It was funny that he said, "Hello..I am Scott Hall.." LOL No shit!!!...Kerry stated after the big bout that he did the ref thing to get revenge on Sid from last time when Sid powerbombed him. Sid vs Kerry next week. Not sure how long Sid will be here, but he could really put Kerry over if they did the 1-2-3 Kid/Hall angle...A lot of talk of Gunner being Lord Humongous on the major sites. He is green as grass, but don't have to do much in the this role. If they continue to put him in there with guys like Poker - he will continue to be ok...Hall was so blown up after the bout. And, man, just watching him walk backstage made my knees hurt...Rude looked great and moved good - better than last time I seen him. He has had a few surgeries that should slow you down, but he doesn't seem to have lost a step. He would be a great guy to add helping the rookies!! Rude vs Soultrain would be a good feud and help Jones a lot...Star got up too quick from the DDT. She is a wrestler, so she shouldn't have actually DIED, but maybe should have took a little more time. While Diamond is doing his interview to set up the match, she is trying to fix her hair. Seriously - after taking a DDT - the only thing you are worried about is your hair?? Rookie mistake... Kerry and Fury are both two of my favorite young guys. Good attitude and work very hard...Reno is doing the managerial gimmick since his hand is hurt. Great attitude from Reno as usual...Blalok needs to be considered as one of the most underrated in this area. Not only as a very smart worker, but he also has a great mind for the business... Have I ever mentioned how over Mack is?? What about Jazz?? Crowd was so hot when they came out and it was a close to a four hour show...I like to see Mack still chasing the belt. McClarity will keep it one more week because of the match set up for next week...Solid show. The fans that came out to see the "stars" got to see three really good final bouts. Not a lot of fans left either...My only criticism [and you knew this was coming] was the show was 9 matches and four hours long. [As someone in the back said, "Did DK book this show??"] Mack did say to me that he likes to mix it up like that - so the fans don't always know what to expect. I am a big fan of 5 or 6 matches and a 2.5 hour show. But, I don't think anyone that stayed for the last three bouts could complain...Fun time was had by all. Thanks to cast and crew for their respect and hospitality.

Photo credit: Lily Winningham