Monday, September 21, 2009

Coach's Corner "A Starr Is Born" by Brian Tramel

----Even though most of us here at the RRO offices knew that Dustin Starr was getting a shot at working the WWE tapings tonight and tomorrow night, Starr revealed it to everyone yesterday on his site. Even though Austin Lane, Danny B Goode [reported by] and a few other guys [who will have to remain kayfabed until after the event] will be getting a look, Starr is going back to get a contract. All of this got me to thinking about the things that have put him in this spot and make him different than others in the area.

----Dedication: That is what Dustin Starr talked about in a past blog post. What has this guy done to get himself ready for the shot?? Could you run as much as he does?? Could you eat all those weird meals?? What has he not done to get ready?? Have you not seen the photos?? Take a look above - it takes the LOOK to get signed!!

----Dreaming: Can you just sit there and just piss and moan?? Why is Dustin Starr getting the shot and not me?? For real?? You really want to know?? Get off your ass and get a gym!! The WWE is not going to come calling if you do not believe in yourself enough to try to make it. Starr has dreamed the dream way too many times. It is time to make it come true.

----Attitude: Starr gets criticism sometimes from having an attitude. He says stuff on his blog that he shouldn't say; right?? It not only gives him confidence, but gives him an outlet to get his thoughts out. This helps him get over to a level that no other worker in this area has done. Does Starr have an attitude? Nah. It would surprise how nice he really is. LOL

----Improvement: I watched this guy go from being a mediocre worker to an average worker to one of the top guys in this area. He is ready!! I am hoping so much that sometime in the next few days I get a text or a call and someone is saying that Dustin has been signed. It would be not only a big deal for him - but it would be a ginormous deal for this area!! It would prove to the WWE that the Memphis area does have the talent to make it.

----Luck: Good luck to Dustin. It takes a little bit of that to get where he is now. He has worked very hard for the last few months getting ready to make an impression!! If anyone in this area deserves a shot, it is him!!

----So, if he goes in this time after doing everything to get a contract and doesn't get it? What will it mean? It will just make him more determined and more focused. He will take all the things that I mentioned above and go back again.