Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food For Thought - "Brotherhood" by Jamie Jay

Hello everyone. First off I would like to congrat my fellow co-workers on their recent WWE shot. Congrats to Danny B., Pokerface, Dustin Starr, & Austin Lane!

Now, about the title, BrotherHood? Well, where I come from this business is supposed to be about brotherhood. Wrestling is like any other secret society, were supposed to be there for each other. I hate to bring up some of the other secret societys, such as, KKK, Masonites, Ariel Nation, also gangs, Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords! I know that is a little off track but it still has something to do with the story. We as wrestlers are supposed to be there for each other. Protect each other. Holding someones life in the palm of you' re hand, that is what were doing. So, we become close, closer than family in some situations.

What am I getting at? Well, I had my son's Birthday party Sat. 9/26/09 This has been planned for awhile. I was going to put on a wrestling show, not for fans, not for money, but for the pure enjoyment of my son. A Birthday present for my son. Something that I knew he would enjoy & remember for years to come. I set this show up at my grandmothers place. I told all the workers a month in advance, but they could still work that night because it would be over by 4! I didn't ask alot of workers, just a few, & ones that wouldn't have to drive far. I sent out numerous text messages to fellow workers, almost all ignored! How great is that? Brothers in this business? The ones you're supposed to protect?

So, yes I'm upset! If somebody asked me, let me rephrase that, If my brother asked me to come work a show for there child I would be there. But, you know what? I still have a couple of brothers out there! Austin Lane was there! Ron Rage & his son was there! Lily Willingham, mine & Austin's publicist, was there to take pictures of the days event! Jimmy Star was there! Johnny Morton was there at 11:00 o'clock that morning & setup his 6,000 dollar sound system that he hauled from the other side of Memphis with a tarp on because of the rain. They helped make my son's Birthday a Great one! I thank each & everyone of you that I mentioned & I love you, Brothers!!!

Just remember who your brothers are. Thank them each chance you get. They are the one's protecting you & making you look like a star! This is where I usually say "Here's you something to chew on!", but I'm still chewing on it myself...........

----Jamie Jay provides a bi-weekly column about the local focusing on his career and thoughts on the area. Jay is the driving force behind PWA, which promotes shows in the area Jay is currently sidelined with a knee injury.