Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food for Thought by Jamie Jay

Jamie Jay
----I would like everyone to welcome Jamie Jay to the growing staff of RRO. Jamie will try to join us bi-weekly with his own insight on the happenings of this area. Jay is a promoter and a worker. He is currently sidelined and I thought this would be a good way to keep him involved. Jamie is also scheduled for surgery on his knee today - so everyone keep him in your thoughts!! Oh yeah...I have no idea who is rubbing Jay's stomach here..LOL

Hello everyone!

Well, why is Jamie Jay writing a column on ??? I don't know either, because I'm not that good of a writer, but I do tell the truth. I think that's the important thing is that the truth is number 1. So to everyone reading this, if I mention you're name, if I offend you, I'm sorry, but I tell it like I see it!

I was asked to write about the PWA vs RWA, Jamie Jay vs Frank Martin, Rodney Mack vs Frank Martin, DCW vs RWA situation! I know, that's alot to digest. I believe alot of people would like to know more about the ordeal, but I have nothing to do with the Frank Martin & Rodney Mack deal. I've already told everyone about the Jamie Jay & Frank Martin piss fight. So, how do I feel about the Mack & Martin situation? First off, I've never had a problem with Rodney Mack. He was as nice of a guy that you could ask to meet. Frank Martin, when I first met him, he was a nice guy. Frank & I just didn't see eye to eye & I was out of there before Rodney Mack took over the booking. I would've liked to work for Rodney, while he was booking. I think he would've had me doing some good things.

When I first heard of RWA shutting the doors, I had a shit eating grin, but then at the same time, I had a disappointment feeling in my heart! I loved to hear that the same guy the was talking crap about me had shut his doors, but I also hated to hear that alot of people had to find another place to work. I also hated the fact that a quality wrestling show like the RWA was closing & the fans would have no WRESTLING! But luckily Rodney Mack opened DCW up in the building a few weeks later. I was happy to hear that. You're probably asking you're self why would I be happy to hear that? Well, I'm glad to see a place for guys to work, myself included.

I went to the DCW show this past Sat. night 09/12/09 How did I feel? I was welcomed with open arms. Rodney Mack & Jazz came up & hugged me. Ron Rage came up & hugged me. Everybody was asking about my knee & showing me sympathy. It seemed like I was on my own show, without the headache! lol. I loved what they did with the building. The dressing room is great, compared to the way it was. Everybody seems to get along great. It has a good vibe. I would recommend anybody to go work there. Rodney & Jazz know what their doing & I think DCW will be successful!

I'm hoping I have surgery this week on my knee, so I can start the heeling process. I'm working on lots of things with PWA Entertainment. You can check that out at Well, it's not alot but you can chew on that for awhile!

Thank You!