Friday, September 25, 2009

IWA Ratings Report 9.19.09 - Best Number!!

----IWA Wrestling posted their best number this past Saturday scoring close to 10,000 viewers overall. It could have only been an improvement after last week’s big zero. The show opened again with a bigger rating and then a drop. My advice to them would be to put a hot match on the front – Tatt2 doing a bunch of high flying stuff!! This might help keep the audience in the second quarter. They had about 33% of their audience leave for the second quarter and half of them come back for the 3rd quarter and stayed. That is good as that tells you the viewers liked the last two quarters. They still lost viewers from start to finish, but less than 1700 viewers this time out. They were averaging about 10,000 viewer loss up to this week.

----How is the show doing for the first four weeks?? Not great, but what did you expect?? They are new, so you have to give them at least 12 weeks before you make a major judgment on whether the TV makes an impact on the house shows and if they can score more viewers. They have an average of 6074 viewers per week now, which is roughly half of what Memphis Wrestling has been drawing on a regular basis.

----For the record, Memphis Wrestling did not air, but Lawler for Major, which is just what it says. That show did a 1.2 [19437 viewers] this past Saturday.

Overall .6 [9719 viewers]

1st Quarter
-Precious/Hudson int
-Sniper/Black int
-Sniper/Black vs Hudson/Precious
.7 [11338 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Sniper/Black vs Hudson/Precious [finish]
-Reno Diamond int
-Ant vs Carnage Antwane
-Raja vs Cymba
.5 [8099 viewers] [-3239 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Tatt2 vs Suicide vs Cryme
.6 [9719 viewers] [+1620 viewers]

4th Quarter
-“Asylum” vs “SnS” vs FSA
.6 [9719 viewers] [n/c]

From start to finish: [-1619 viewers]

Time slot winner – what was Memphis watching??
Hannah Montana/Suite Life 1.4 [21867 viewers]