Friday, September 25, 2009

IWA TV Report 9.19.09

----I would like to first apologize for taking so long for this report. It has been a busy week around here at the RRO offices. Ratings for this show should be up soon today.

----Jason Hall and Eddie Pain welcome everyone to the show. I believe they said Malik is hurt and Precious vs A.N.T. [Amazing Natural Talent] will be the finals for IWA US Title??

----Precious with Officer Hudson comes out for an interview looking in a mirror that Hudson is holding. Precious talks about the US title. Not good. He says he don’t care about the belt. Precious says that Hudson hurt Malik for money. Sniper and Dre Black come out. They set up the next match.

----Precious/Hudson vs Sniper/Black. Start is real weak. Babys are suppose to SHINE not go into leglocks!! Heels run off and get counted out. Not good. As they are leaving Reno Diamond and he announces himself as the new IWA commissioner. Diamond sets up a match for 9.25.09 – First Blood – Precious vs Sniper.

----A.N.T. comes out to say he is now the US Champion because Precious does not want to wrestle in the tourney. He goes to leave and Carnage Antwane comes out to announce that Reno has stated in the back that it will be him vs Ant with the winner being the new US Champion.

----A.N.T. vs Antwane is up next. Two big guys here. A.N.T. moves so well. Antwane hits a side suplex that looked nasty – A.N.T. looked to land on his head hard. Wow!! Antwane hits a closeline that missed by a mile. Flying elbow from Antwane. Carnage looked good here. Ant takes over after a series of punches and hits a standing moonsault. Antwane takes over again. Can you say no psychology??? A.N.T. pins him with feet on the ropes – ref counts three, but announcers count two. OMG!! Diamond comes out to say that the belt is held up with a 2 out of 3 fall match to determine the winner at “Fall Out”!!

----Samoan Raja vs Cymba in chain match – clips only. Reno Diamond comes out to makes Armageddon vs Raja in Buried Alive Match.

----Triple Threat Match: Cryme vs Suicide vs Tatt2. Tatt2 in the ring with Cryme. The first series that Tatt2 did was the best wrestling this show has seen so far. Tatt2 vs Suicide in the ring. Kicks from Tatt2 followed by flying side kick. All three in the ring with Tatt2 leapfrogging Suicide and Cryme hitting him with a dropkick. Then dropkick from Tatt2. Suicide/Cryme end up outside ring and Tatt2 hits a dive over the top rope. Crowd pops for it. Tatt2 hits a springboard kick. Cryme hits a spinebuster. Suicide tried a frankensteiner and Tatt2 blocked. Tatt2 headscissors on Cryme – springboard moonsault from Tatt2. A bunch of near falls at the end. They shitcan Tatt2 and Suicide pins Cryme. Cryme turns on Suicide with a cutter after the match. Not as good as it sounds – really no solid psychology, but the moves looked good and Tatt2 looked good. Cryme says the Lightweight Title will be his.

----“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] vs “Full Scale Assault” [Xander Raines/Jason Steele] vs “SnS” [Syn/DJ Stunner] is the main event. Teams all paired up around the arena with Pappy vs Syn in the ring. Pappy uses a dog chain on Syn – Syn takes a good bump. Stunner jumps in and over and hits Pappy with a sweet dropkick. Syn gets super human abilities and recovers from a chain choke quick enough to dive to the outside missing Pappy. Ouch!! Steele hit everyone with the kendo stick. Fisherman suplex from Raines to Syn should have been a finisher. Psycho uses shovel on Stunner – damn that hurt!! Syn with springboard moonsault on Steele. Steele with camel clutch on Syn. Cradle belly to back suplex from Steele to Syn. Psycho in the ring – flying elbow to Steele. Stunner with running shooting star on Psycho. Single arm slam from Psycho to Stunner. Lots of near falls. A lot of stuff missed by the camera at the end – I think they rolled Psycho in the dressing room on a cart. “Fall from Grace” for the “Asylum” win.


----If you want a belt to mean something, then it must mean something to everyone. Precious saying he does not want it makes it look bad…The whole first bout was spent with a babyface beating up a heel?? Hudson put someone out on last week’s show, but gets beat up the whole match?? Doesn’t make sense?!?...Diamond is smooth on the mic and should easily get over in a babyface commish role…Something else about the US Title – if the commish does make a match with the winner getting the belt – have him make the match on CAMERA – don’t just let someone come out and say it…Suicide needs to change his name, because of TNA guy…Reno announced a IWA Lightweight Title with champion determined at “Fall Out”. Ok, too many belts…Tatt2 vs Suicide vs Cryme was a solid 15 minutes...Main event is not going to be everyone’s “cup of tea”, but I had fun watching it. Not much psychology, but some “oh shit” moments that made me keep watching it…They still need another camera and fix the commentary!! Overall probably best show to date. Not a lot of good pure wrestling, but the two triple threat bouts were fun to watch. Reno and Tatt2 bring something to the table and will make it interesting.