Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.19.09

Our show started off the same way it does every Saturday night with Rickey Roland handing our nations flag to local kids and playing the national anthem.

Tonight would start off rather different with Tommy Wayne taking on Christopher Lee for the ASWF X-Division Title. This match would could be called a Battle of the Wits. Tommy Wayne would come off to a great start but would Irish Whip Lee into the ropes and attempt a Shoulder Block but neither would move. Tommy would eventually find a way to wear down Lee, but Lee would begin a final assault. However, with Athena Eclipse at Tommy's side Lee would be at a disadvantage. Athena would hand Tommy a chain and he would later deliver a low blow to Lee. The Establishment would soon have enough, with Lee giving Tommy a run for his money, and interfere in the match. During the attack, Morgan Williams would make an incredible return with the help of Mark Wolfe they would chase The Establishment out of the ring. X-Kaliber would state that he didn't have a contract. Commissioner Rowland would make his way to the ring and state that he didn' t know if he did either. Commissioner Rowland would look to Announcer Terrence Ward and ask if he still had a contract, to which he said yes. Cody Murdoch would be enraged. He would begin destroying Ward's notebook and other items. Rowland would then tell Murdoch that he was fined $100 for the destruction of ASWF property. X-Kaliber would then be scheduled to take on Morgan Williams later in the evening.

The second match of the night would be Joshua Cross and Seth Sabor, two former X-Division Champions going toe to toe. Cross would start a brutal attack against Sabor. Cross would make one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the ring, turning your back on your opponent. Sabor would be able to stop Cross dead in his tracks. It would all be short lived for Sabor as Cross would gain control once again and land a HUGE Vertical Suplex. Sabor would be able to get his adrenaline going and finally get a pin over Joshua Cross.

Tonight third match was Big Rig Cody Murdoch VS Mark Wolf. This had to be the best match of Wolf and Murdoch this year! Mark would seem to have his ducks in a row taking the fight to Cody Murdoch early, but the tide would turn when Murdoch would start taking back the match. Murdoch would begin to prey on the previously injured arm of Mark Wolf. (His arm was injured by Danger Zone over two weeks ago) Athena Eclipse, who just happended to be at ringside, would "assist" Murdoch and Mark would be set up and set down with Murdoch's finisher, The Flatbed.

Our fourth match of the night was literally Brother VS Brother. X-Kaliber would take on Morgan Williams in this brawl. No sooner did this match start, both wrestlers would simply ignore the referee and try to get there revenge on one another. Since the referee could not control the match he would rule this match a No Contest. Shortly after The Establishment would attack again. But this time Mark Wolfe and Christopher Lee would come to Morgan's aid. The Establishment would challenge them to a match next week, which as you guessed they didn't get turned down.

The Semi-Main Event would be LSD (Idol Bane/Deadly Dale/Cody Only) taking on Demon X, Hot Rod John Ellison, and The Enforcer. Deadly Dale and The Enforcer would start off this bout, but it would be Deadly that would make an impact against a fellow ASWF Original. But LSD would begin to fall short when their opponents would begin to fight dirty. Johnny Hawk, who was in the corner of Demon X, Hot Rod John Ellison, and The Enforcer, would begin to hit Dale with a piece of PVC pipe. The referee would eventually turn around and catch Hawk red handed. LSD would win the match via Disqualification.

Our Main-Event of the night was the Flag VS Flag Match. The Battle of Europe was at hand. The Irish Dragon Scott Fury, representing Ireland, would take on The Sicilian Superstar Vinny Ramano, representing Italy. Vinny would start off like a true Sicilian, using whatever is lying around to punish Scott Fury. Fury, who sustained an injury last week at Ramano's hands, would try to fight back until Ramano went after his injured leg. During this scuffle for control the referee would accidentally be knocked out. Scott Fury would be able to get to his feet and capture his flag, but the referee would never see it. Ramano would attack Fury from behind and place the Irish flag back in its holder and retrieve his just as the referee was coming around. The referee would wake up to see the Italian flag in the hands of Vinny Ramano. Vinny's celebration would be short lived as the Commissioner would come to the ring and confront Ramano. He would order the referee to restart the match and with the quick thinking of Scott Fury he would capture his flag yet again and take home the victory for Ireland.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----I have been told this group is not drawing well, but it might be from all the same talent being in for so long...Williams/X-Kalibur stuff has already been done here...Liked the idea for the main...Good to see the full LSD team with Deadly Dale's return.