Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.12.09

Our show started off the same way it does every Saturday night with Rickey Roland handing our nations flag to local kids and playing the national anthem. But before hand, Announcer Terrence Ward would ask everyone to stand for a moment of silence to remember those who perished eight years ago in the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

Our first match of the night was for the #1 contendership for the ASWF Tag Team Titles! LSD would go toe to toe with CM2. Idol Bane would start of in control over his opponent Cody Murdoch. LSD would prove to be the dominating force for most of the entire match. But Cody Only would find himself in between a rock and a hard place with Cody and Cason McClain making fresh tags to keep the upper hand over LSD. But the tide would turn when Cody Only would plant the LTO on Cason and make a tag to Idol Bane. But in the chaos Cody Only would deliver a low blow to Idol bane and get him in the roll up pin for the 1, 2, 3.

Before our second match could get underway Demon X would come to the ring with Johnny Hawk. Demon X would call Commissioner Rickey Rowland to the ring and order him to hand over the title due to his contract. Rowland would state that there was no such contract. Demon X would soon call the Former Commissioner Terrence Ward to the ring and have him explain what he was talking about. Ward would state the before Demon X chose his current path he was given a contract stating that he would get a shot at the title and that the only way he could lose it was by pinfall or submission. Rickey would have no choice but to hand over the title. But Johnny Harper would get a rematch later tonight.

The second match would be for the European Title. X-Kaliber would defend his gold against LSD's Deadly Dale. Deadly would start off well, deadly. But his control of the match would slip from his grasp as Tommy Wayne would interfere and hit Deadly Dale with the X-Division belt. X-Kaliber would get the win via pinfall.

Our third match of the night was ASWF HOF and Original Hot Rod John Ellison taking on Mark Wolf in singles action. Mark, who would be returning after a sholder injury at the hands of Danger Zone, would come off really nice. But Hot Rod would start his attack on the injured arm of Mark Wolf and would not let off. But by some stroke of luck Mark would get the pin and take home the victory. But when the match was over CM2 would attack Mark and Kalaiki (Who was at the announce table during Mark's match). CM2 would challenge them to a match for the Tag Team Titles.

The fourth match was on before the referee could even ring the bell. CM2 would dominate the match from the start to the finish. X-Kaliber/Tommy Wayne/Athena Eclipse would interfere in the match and cause the Beach Bums to lose their titles to CM2. After the match was over Kalaiki would complain of a shoulder injury to medical officials in the lockeroom. Doctors would determine later that night that he would have to wear an immobilizer anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Our fifth match was for the ASWF Title. Demon X would face off against Johnny Harper. Harper with all his anger built up would start off great. But with Johnny Hawk at Demon X's side he would lose thanks to Hawk's interference. But after the assault was over, Harper would state that he wanted Demon X and Hawk next week in a match.

Tonight's Semi-Main was a tag team match featuring Seth Sabor/Scott Fury against Vinny Ramano/Joshua Cross. This match would not be wrestler vs wrestler but country vs country. Seth would start off strong but would fall victim to Vinny when he was hit in the throat with a flag pole. Ramano would roll him up in a pin. The Commissioner would come to the ring and state that because of Ramano's recent behavior he would take on the Scott Fury in a flag match. Ireland vs Italy next week!

Our Main-Event was for the X-Division Title. Tommy Wayne would face Mike Anthony and Christopher Lee in a triple threat hardcore title match. This would be a bloody match. You could not keep up with who was in control of the match. There were many close calls but CM2 and X-Kaliber would interfere and cost Lee and Anthony the match. Wayne would pin Lee and Anthony for the win. X-Kaliber would state that "The Establishment" was here to stay.

Credit: Terrance Ward

----Is it just me or does this group seem stale?? The same roster for over a year with very little change...I thought Mike Anthony was going to work RWA??