Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.26.09

Our show would start as is does every week with Commissioner Rowland calling local kids to hold the flag during the playing of our National Anthem.

Before the show could get started, Demon X would come out with his confidant, Johnny Hawk. Hawk would taunt the crowd with a fishing pole that had a candy bar attached to it, saying he was fishing for fat women. At one point Demon X and Hawk would state that if you didn't brush your teeth you wouldn't get anywhere in life. So they squirted toothpaste all over an unsuspecting fan. After their round of fun, Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson would take to the ring. But they wouldn't be alone for long as LSD would challenge them to a couple of matches. The Commissioner would set it in stone, Cody Only vs Demon X for the ASWF Title and Deadly Dale and Idol Bane against Bobby Eaton and a mystery partner.

The first match to get under way was The Leader of the POB Ron Rage against Sanch Libre. Rage would tear Libre apart. He would plant his finisher and win the match. He stated that he was here for someone else and that everytime he went to a promotion where "he" was at "he" would sneak out the back door. And tonight he was going to get his once and for all.

The second match of the night was ASWF Original The Enforver vs The King of Newark Seth Sabor. Seth would come off on a great start and would take control early. But his control of the match would be short lived. The Enforcer, who had a chain hid, would strike Sabor with the chain followed by a low blow. The Enforcer would low blow Sabor and get the win via pinfall.

Tonight's third match of the night was The Irish Dragon Scott Fury taking on Joshua Cross. Both superstars would be hard keep up with. Fury who is one to stay on the match with his opponent would have a tough time with the high flyer Joshua Cross. But Fury would clip Cross's wings and pin him after his failed moonsault.

The forth match of the night was Demon X vs Cody Only for the ASWF Title. Cody would dominate the match showing Demon X who the true champion should be. Demon X would somehow make a comeback and begin to take the heat to Cody Only. Demon X would roll Only up for the pin.

The Semi-Main Event would be The Establishment's X-Kaliber/Tommy Wanye/Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain/Athena Eclipse against Christopher Lee/Mark Wolf/Morgan Williams. Tommy and Mark would start this bout with blood pumping. Wayne would make a tag to Murdoch when he started to lose control and the Big Rig would take Wolf to his knees. Things would begin to look grim. X-Kaliber would plant the Sword and Stone and tag in Athena Eclipse. Athena would then Chokeslam Morgan Williams and get the pin winning the match for The Establishment.

The Main-Event was a tag team match between Hot Rod John Ellison/Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Deadly Dale and Idol Bane. LSD would be the powerhouse in the first part of the match. Showing the old school the way to wrestle. But, Eaton and Ellison would cheat behind the referee and show LSD how the old school does it. Dale would finally make a tag to Idol after a lengthy beating. Idol would take control and pin Hot Rod for the 1, 2, 3.

Credit: Terrance Ward @www.wrestlingnewscenter.com

----Opening segment went about 30 minutes. WTF??...Also not sure why it was not mentioned, and it was mentioned on their youtube.com site, but Ron Rage attacked Scott Fury sometime in the night and left him laying.