Monday, September 28, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 9.26.09

Match number 1 was: JD Kerry vs. Sid Vicious -match was pretty amazing...Sid is a master in the ring and with the best young wrestler in this area JD Kerry, you can imagine how awesome this match was...JD after a couple of failed attempts actually body-slammed the man that rules the world, Sid Vicious! Sid and JD worked immaculate together bro...the finish was JD was put in a cobra-clutch by Sid, then Lord Humongous came out and put a rear-naked choke on Sid, while the referee was knocked down...once Lord Humongous choked Sid out, JD could cover him for the 1-2-3....amazing match!

Match number 2 was: Gary Diamond & Britney Star vs. Tejano Kid & Dangerous Dominique
-match was really good. TK is one of the best heels around this area! He always gets big HEAT! Match went pretty much on the side of TK & Dominique while they isolated Britney Star in the ring...match ended up being a DQ after TK busted Gary Diamond open with a foriegn object...Gary bleed a ton! It was pretty good match....

Match number 3 was: Lord Humongous vs. Pokerface, Logan Fury, John Allen
-Poker, Fury, and Allen ducked tape Lord Humongous to the turnbuckle and started to beat on him..They grabbed a dog and was going to beat on it with a big stick, but while Lord Humongous was blind-folded they slid the dog out of the ring to act like they were beating on it, but JD Kerry comes out from back to try and help Lord Humongous, but to no avail...then Big Sid Vicious comes out and cleans house...choke-slamming Poker and power-bombing Fury & Allen!

Match number 4 was: “Natural Born Playaz” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] vs. "Dynasty" [Mike Anthony/Blalok the Blazer]-amazing match from start to finish..match went back and forth with the Playaz taking the victory! They were fighting outside the ring back and forth..a real crowd pleaser!


Match 5 was: Kid Krazy vs. Pokerface
-pretty dang good match...really up-tempo the whole 10 minutes or so! They went back and forth with some pretty good moves...these two are pretty good in the ring together! Pokerface came out on top..

Match 6 was: Johnny Dotson vs John Allen
-match was pretty good. Johnny dominated most of the match with John Allen doing some pretty nifty moves. Johnny gave the crowd some good news at the end by saying he was gonna start coming to DCW every week and start cleaning the trash out of DCW. Dotson beat Allen.

Match 7 was: Jazz & Rodney Mack vs. Ron McClarity & Boss & Angel-Leena
-of course Rodney comes out to a huge pop along with a huge pop for Jazz as well! Of course Ron gets his usually heat from the crowd, and Ron is one of the best heels ive seen around here in a while...They talk back and forth with Ron telling Rodney if he pinned him, he would give him another shot at the DCW Championship...Match starts off pretty good! The young kid Boss really worked well tonite with Rodney...this kid has really good heat to only have been wrestling for a little while! Angeleena and Jazz have two different exchanges which last about 3 to 4 minutes of their own...Angel-Leena is really good in the ring and is def the best young womans wrestler ive seen around here in a while..Man Jazz hasnt lost a step! Jazz showed Angel-Leena tonite why she is the former WWE Womens Champion and a legend in this business...Rodney and Ron go back in forth until both Jazz and Angel-Leena end up back and forth with Jazz power-slamming Angel-Leena for the 1-2-3.

Credit: Jeff Perryman

----RRO would like to welcome JP as our new DoggCW correspondent...I was told close to 190 in the building and that is with a ASU football game & a fair...Also, I had a few people tell me how impressed they were with the first bout. Apparently Vicious was really impressed with Kerry...Funny stuff with dog in the box. They were trying to get Huey over as a "gentle" Giant...Sid turns and will team with Huey against the heels now.