Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 9.19.09

There are about 90 fans in attendance tonight for some EWE action.

As we prepare to hear the National Anthem, Cody Melton comes to the ring and says to play the real National Anthem. Oh Canada begins to play, but is cut off by The Cosmic Cowboy Brian Steele. Steele says that nobody disrespects the United States of America and challenges Melton to a match later tonight. Melton accepts and makes his way to the back. Steele says to play the real National Anthem and sings along before heading to the back.

J.R. Manson makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic, saying that he's not here to wrestle. He says that he's done. He says that he is quitting because he is tired of getting beat week after week. He begins to thank Jon Michael before K.C. Gold and Dell Tucker come to the ring. Manson asks what the two of them are doing in the ring. Gold grabs the mic and reminds Manson that he managed him in the not too distant past. Tucker keeps trying to interrupt. Gold says that the reason that him and Manson couldn't get things together was because of his problem. He says that since Manson now realizes his problem, that he wants to help him. Tucker begins to bounce around the ring and threatens Manson. Tucker calls Manson a pathetic excuse for a wrestler and that he's just giving up. Manson goes for his pills but Tucker knocks them out of his hand. Manson attacks Tucker and the match begins. In the end, Manson would roll Tucker up for the pinfall. After the match, K.C. Gold gives Dell Tucker a pat on the back before heading to the back.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight makes his way to the ring for his match. The music of Rhythm and Blues hits, but Big Red and "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards come to the ring for their handicap match against Knight. Knight rolls Big Red to score the pinfall.

"The Canadian Dragon" Cody Melton def. "The Cosmic Cowboy" Brian Steele via pinfall. After the match, Steele goes after Melton sending him outside the ring. Steele grabs the Canadian flag that Melton draped over his back, balled it up and wiped himself with it in the middle of the ring.

EWE owner Dustin Baker makes his way to the ring and apologizes for the actions of Derrick King last week. Baker says that he was able to get in touch with King and conducted an interview with him. In the interview, King explains the reasons behind him superkicking Stan Lee last week, and saying that EWE is his company. To see the interview in it's entirety, visit and select the video on the right side of the page. After the interview played, Baker looks at the camera and starts to make a statement to King when Stan Lee comes to the ring. Lee says that he thought King was his brother and that he could trust him with anything, but that trust was broken last week. Lee says that if he really wants everything in the open, then so be it. Lee says that when his grandmother passed away and it was up to him and King to take care of everything, King ran away. When TLCW was hurting, King ran away. Lee says that every time he was there, he picked up the ball when he dropped it. He says that King didn't create EWE and TLCW, the fans did. Tommy Redneck comes out telling Lee to stop crying and to start their match. Lee tells King to show up in the ring next week, but Tommy interrupts him again, saying that he wants the match to start already. Tommy slaps Lee in the face, and the match begins. Lee begins an all-out assault on Tommy. Stan Lee will score the pinfall on Tommy Redneck, but after the match, Tommy starts on Lee. Bishop comes out and sends Tommy Redneck to the mat and has a standoff with Stan Lee. Lee extends his hand out to Bishop, but he just walks away.

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs make their way to the ring for their Falls Count Anywhere match. Jacobs grabs the mic and says that he has good news, and bad news. The good news is that Chris O'Neal and his wife had their baby girl today. Jacobs says that the bad news is for Anthony. Chris O'Neal was to be the special enforcer for their match tonight, but he is at home with his wife, so Jacobs found another special enforcer. Jon Michael comes to the ring to a thunderous welcome and the match gets underway. This match goes all over the ring, the ramp, and even over the top of the bleachers. To view all of the mayhem, visit and click on the match on the right side. Anthony goes to deliver a low blow to Jacobs, but hits the referee instead. Anthony grabs a fork from the concession stand and tries to stab Jacobs but Jacobs sends Anthony out of the ring. After Anthony gives Michael a cheap shot, Jacobs comes back with a spear and pins Anthony. The referee is still out, so Michael comes in and makes the 3 count. After the match, Michael delivers a few blows to Anthony to leave him laying in the ring.

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Credit: Dustin Williams

----I really expected more fans in the building after the show last weekend...Good interview from DK and Stan...Seth and Ike could not beat Red/Edwards last week, but Seth beats them both??