Sunday, September 27, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 9.26.09

Around 80 fans file in to enjoy some EWE action tonight in Ripley, Tennessee.

EWE owner Dustin Baker makes his way to the ring to announce that tonight begins a fresh start for Elite Wrestling Entertainment. And to help wipe the slate clean, Baker and Commissioner Chris O'Neal came up with the Lethal Lottery. Tonight, every match will be randomly drawn and the winners of each match will be entered in a tournament for the chance to be the number 1 contender for the EWE Heavyweight Championship currently held by Dustin "Five" Starr. Baker reaches in and selects the first two contenders.

"The Bluesman" Ike Tucker def. Rockin' Randy via pinfall, making Tucker the first entry in the tournament for the EWE Heavyweight Championship.

The next drawing puts the tag team of "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards and Big Red against each other. The two threaten to walk out of the ring and not compete, but Dustin Baker tells the two that the two will wrestle and there will be a winner. Edwards tells Big Red that he will lay down so he can advance in the tournament. Edwards lays down and Big Red goes for a pin, but Edwards rolls Big Red for the pinfall, earning him the tournament spot. After the match, Edwards tries to talk to Big Red, but Red attacks Edwards, sending him outside the ring and up the ramp.

Tommy Redneck def. Rude via pinfall.

Derrick King makes his way to the ring to address the crowd after a short video presentation airs on the big screen, but is cut off. King says that he is going to expose this town, this company, and everyone behind EWE for who they really are. King says that everything that is EWE is his, including the building, the ring, the lights, the audio equipment, everything. He says that J.C. White is the biggest crook and everyone knows it. He says that there would be no Super Summer Showdown, no Mayhem, no Thanksgiving Throwdown, no J.C. White, no nothing without Derrick King. King says that Dustin Baker wouldn't be where he is, the announcer wouldn't have a job, and even the camera man wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. King says that next week, he's taking the ring, the lights, and everything else with him and the era of Derrick King Entertainment will begin. The crowd chants "Stan Lee!" as King starts arguing with fans in the crowd. At one point, King approaches J.C. White and challenges him to step into the ring, but White tells King to step down out of the ring. White tells King to leave the building, but just heads to the back.

Bishop def. J.R. Manson via pinfall.

The next two names drawn to face each other are "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs and "The Trendsetter" Jon Michael. The two walk around the ring and talk with each other, but shake hands and begin the match. Before the match began, a time limit of 15 minutes was set, just like every other match tonight. After 15 minutes, there still was no winner and just as the announcer was ready to call the match, Dustin Baker says that the match will continue for another 10 minutes so that a winner can be determined. After 10 minutes, there still was not a winner declared, so Baker gave the two men another 5 minutes. Both men are knocked out to the arena floor, where both of them are counted out and the match is called as no contest. Neither Christian Jacobs or Jon Michael will advance to the EWE Heavyweight Championship tournament.

"The Canadian Dragon" Cody Melton def. Tatt2 via pinfall.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight def. "The Future" Dell Tucker via pinfall.

Shannon Lee comes to the ring as he is picked for the main event. The other wrestler named as his opponent is Derrick King. He makes his way to the ring and makes his way around ringside, arguing with fans and issuing challenges. A few heated exchanges lead to some bottle and shoe throwing, table shoving, and even some chair flipping before King enters the ring. At one point, it looks like pure mayhem ringside as King jumps into the ring. View the entire event by going to the website at and clicking the "Shannon Lee vs. Derrick King" match. Some images may be graphic and viewer discresion is advised. In the end, it would be Derrick King scoring the pinfall over Shannon Lee after delivering a massive superkick. King says that if everyone thinks tonight was something, then just wait until next week to see what he'll do.

SIDE NOTE: Just before the bell was set to ring to start the match between Shannon Lee and Derrick King, an EWE security guard named Will suffered a seizure at ringside. The video of the match was stopped. Will was taken to a local hospital, but his condition is not known at this time. Please monitor for the latest updates on Will's condition. The entire EWE staff would like to send our prayers to Will and his family and wish him a fast recovery.

Credit: Dustin Williams

----I was told the DK-JC angle was well done. But..look at the crowd number - the turn is not drawing any extra...It looked like a fun show - I am going to have to watch the Jon Michael vs Christian Jacobs bout!! And the Melton vs Tatt2 bout should have been real good.