Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 9.19.09 - "It's A Bird...No It is Superman!!!"

The show opened w/ NBW's newest Star "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane coming to the ring to say a few words about coming into NBW and automatically becoming a household name. Austin ranted about how He is the top guy wherever He goes and that tonight's #1 contenders match against Jason Reed would be no different because He would win and show everyone that He is the next NBW Champion..... Cue Jason Reed. Reed said that tonight He would beat Lane in a No Holds Barred match and prove to everyone that He built this town and that He is STILL the best and He was out to prove it. Lane and Reed went nose to nose when none other than the NBW Champion Jon Michael came to the ring and stated that He was just here to wish both men the best of luck and looked forward to facing the winner!

CoCo Anderson came to the ring w/ A.J. Ray to make an announcement concerning Legacy 3 slated for October 17th. CoCo said that at Legacy there would be a "Stairway To Stardom" Ladder Match in which a contract would be hung above the ring and the person who grabs the contract had the right to challenge for any NBW Championship of their choosing and that A.J. Ray was the 1st official entrant. Ray then went on to say that He will finally get some recognition when CoCo becomes full Commissioner of NBW and that He is the reason the fans pay to see the show every week. Ray said nobody in the back was better than him, this brought out Gaylon Ray. Gaylon challenged A.j. for his spot in the match and Ray accepted.

A.J. Ray def. Gaylon Ray in around 5 minutes after a brass knuckles shot.

Mark Justice came to the ring and said week in and week out he has been beating these young punks NBW has thrown at him and he wants a real challenge. NBW Owner Jeff McDonald said that Mark had one more "Kid" to face and he was sure that he could go toe to toe w/ Justice. Out comes Jeremy Moore!

Mark Justice def. Jeremy Moore after a hard justice. Post Match Mark stated Moore did go toe to toe but told Moore as long as he has all these fans behind him that he would always be a "Kid"

After Intermission CoCo came out and called Jeremy Moore out and said that he has a scheduled Tag Title rematch tonight, but Ricky Andrews failed to make it to the show. CoCo then brought out Motley and said Moore would be going at it alone tonight, This prompted Jeff McDonald to step in and say he was tired of Tim davis and CoCo trying to take over the show and that he was making a decision here. He said Moore had already wrestled and that he had overheard Cruz telling his partners to go home because he had it handled tonight. Jeff said that this wasn't the case and that Motley would still be defending the belts since he was so confident. Jeff brought out Biscuit, but then told Cruz that wasn't all... Hardcore Yow made his way to the ring for somewhat of a reunion w/ Biscuit.

Motley Cruz def. Yow/Biscuit in a handi-cap match to retain the Tag championship.

Jason Reed and Austin Lane had a Double pin on one another after possibly the Wildest match in NBW history which featured Jason Reed climbing on the roof and Jumping off onto Lane and a host of security guards!!! Post Match Jeff said that next week there would be a triple threat to solve this problem... Mark Justice came out and claimed he never got his re-match, Jeff agreed w/ his point and said it would be a Fatal 4 Way for the title next week!!!

Jeff McDonald announced that October 17th was Legacy 3 and would feature the return of Sir Mo and NBW would also be welcoming wrestling Legend "Wildfire" Tommy Rich

The Mo. Badd Boys def. Law and Order in a Cage Match. Post Match The Badd Boys beat on Tim and Ricky and Kid along with the help of CoCo and A.J. Ray. Jeff said that CoCo and Tim cannot continue doing this and that next week it would be Tim Davis and Kid vs. CoCo and A.J.Ray, if Tim wins CoCo is fired but if CoCo wins then he has full commissionership!!!

Great show and the crowd was hot for everything pretty much!
between 80-90 in attendance

Next week:

NBW Championship Fatal 4 Way
Jon Michael (c) vs. Mark Justice vs. Jason Reed vs. Austin Lane

Commissionership match
Davis/Kid vs. Ray/CoCo

Legacy 3 October 17th 2009

"Wildfire" Tommy Rich and Sir Mo

----Reed seems to have stepped up a notch. Back to the old Reed?? Matches between him and Lane HAVE to be good...I could care less about Commish storylines. They have been done too many times...Rich and Mo should help with the gate. Mo has a history with the company...Fatal 4 Way should be real good - I look for Michael to drop the belt...MO Bad Boys are Mark Southern and Cookie St. James is actually wrestling now.