Monday, September 21, 2009

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 9.18.09

What a show we had this week, one that blew last week right out of the water. Referee's for the night would be Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe. Your announcers would be John Steele and T-Bone Terrence Ward.

We kicked off the night with Ken Wayne, Kid Nickels, and Alan Steele in the ring. Wayne would state that after reviewing the tape from last week and having time to think about the options of what to do. He told them that they would have match, but without NEW rules. Steele and Nickels were pleased to hear Ken Wayne make that statement. However, he stated that the match would take place on the NEW One Year Anniversary on October 9th. He also stated that neither Steele or Nickels could lay a hand on each other until October 9th.

The first bout of the night would be Mike Anthony taking on "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane in what would prove to be an exciting match. Both Lane and Anthony would come off to a great start. Austin would soon start to take the advantage by targeting Mike Anthony's arm. This would bad for Mike. Austin would continue his assault on Anthony's arm despite Anthony trying to regain control. Lane would wrap him up in a submission hold and take home the victory.

Time: 7:09

The next match was Matt Justyce against Kid Nickels. Both men can boast about their height but only Kid Nickels can talk about a weight advantage. Justyce would pick up momentum but would be destroyed by Kid Nickels chokeslam. Then to send a message to Alan Steele he would use Steele's finisher and get the pinfall.

Time: 5:05

Just shortly after that match Shawn Reed would go to the announcers table stating that he was coming back to NEW after an injury. Matt Justyce would come out as well and challenge him to a match on the night of his return.

The third match of the night was between Kolby Stern and 3G Eric Wayne. Eric would dominate this match with no question. Stern would try to fight back against the US Junior Heavyweight Champion but would fail. 3G would would finish the match with a German Suplex pin.

Time: 7:55

The Main-Event was a Handicap Tag Match. "All That Smart" (Alan Steele and Justin "The Juice Smart") would take on Josh Carney, "Dangerous" Dan Matthews, and Kevin Charles. Kevin Charles and Justin Smart would start of the match at a great pace. Throughout the match Josh Carney would get taged in take it to Steele and Smart. To Steele's surprise Kid Nickels would come out during the match to distract Steele allowing Justin Smart to be pinned and lose the match.

Time: 8:42

Don't forget October 9th, 2009 the 1 Year Anniversary of New Experience Wrestling!

Credit: Terrance Ward

----I told between 40 - 50 people in the crowd...Good to see Mike Anthony working here and Shawn Reed coming back...RRO will be at the 1 Year Anniversary show!!