Monday, September 28, 2009

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 9.25.09

Alan Steele and Kid Nikels

Tonight's show was incredible, match after match was pulse pounding with excitement. The referee tonight would be Downtown Bruno with John Steele and T-Bone Terrence Ward announcing.

Just as the first match was about to get underway, "All That" Alan Steele would go to the announcer's table and state that he saw the card tonight and was not going to team up with Kid Nickels. T-Bone would then tell Alan that Ken Wayne had already spoke with him and to tell Alan Steele that if he did not tag with Nickels he would not get his match on October 9th. Steele would be outraged and leave with not quite knowing what to say.

Tonight's opening match would be Kolby Stern taking on the returning Scott Fury. Scott would take control of the match early giving the young blood, Kolby Stern, a lesson in technical wrestling. Just as Fury seemed to have the match in the bag, Stern would try and make a quick recovery. However in his haste, Fury would roll him up and get the 1, 2, 3.
Time: 5:53

The second match of the night was sceduled for a tag team match. Justin "The Juice" Smart would team up with Mike Anthony to take on Kevin Charles and "Dangerous" Dan Matthews. Smart would start off with control over Charles. But, early in the match Matthews would use up his teams two alloted saves. Smart would be on the fast track to victory, but would hurt his knee trying to counter Charles. Matthews would then be tagged in and would smell blood. Matthews would eventually tag Charles back in and it seemed Smart would be out of the match and one less victory. But in a ray of hope for Smart he would build up enough energy to tag in his partner Mike Anthony. Anthony would start cleaning house and finally pin Charles for the win.
Time: 8:22

Tonight's third match was from a challenge last week. Matt Justyce would take on the returning Shawn Reed, who was out on an injury. Both wrestlers would try to get control early on in the match but both would fail. Reed would catch Justyce off guard and roll him up for the pin.
Time: 3:41

The Main-Event was what everyone was waiting for. "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane and "3G" Eric Wayne would go mano y mano with "All That" Alan Steele and Kid Nikels. Before the match even got in the ring Steele and Nikels would argue coming to the ring, in the ring, and during the match. Steele would start off with Wayne, but would soon tag in his partner Kid Nikels. Nikels would be on a roll, taking control over Lane, after his tag to Eric Wayne. Lane would be able to get a little control back from Kid and secure him in a submission hold but it would not last for long. He would escape Lanes hold and Nikels would go for the pin, but Steele would pull Nikels off of Lane. During that argument Lane was able to make a tag to his partner Wayne would would not be standing for very long. During this heat of the battle Wayne would get knocked out by Nikels. But yet again Nikels would push Steele's buttons by using his finisher. After that Steele would leave his partner out to dry. But Steele would return but with Josh Carney in his clutches. Austin would be able to take advantage of the situation and pin Nikels. Steele would then get in the ring and begin to belittle Kid.

Credit: Terrance Ward @

----I was told there was close to 40 in the building...I love that pic above!!...Also told the Fury/Stern bout was bad. Was this Fury's first appearance since the "incident"??

Photo by Lily Winningham