Friday, September 25, 2009

Ron Rage - Exit DCW - Enter ASWF!!

Raven and Ron Rage

----In a surprising move, Ron Rage and Raven have parted ways with Dogg Championship Wrestling in Jonesboro, AR. In a conversation this morning via cell phone with RRO, Rage discussed his decision. "I am just having some problems with management, not Rodney Mack, and I felt it was just better to part ways with the company." Rage would not go into detail, but there seems to be no hard feelings and Rage would easily consider going back in the future. "I would like to wish the whole crew the best and good luck."

----It has been posted here and considered by many that Rage was the catalyst in the explosion of the gates earlier this year. In a conversation with DCW/RWA cameraman Brandon Wallace Saturday night, it was discussed that the angle with Rage/Mack in the pool hall where Rage hit Mack with a ball and broke a pool stick over his back, lead to some of the biggest gates of the promotion's history. "After that, within a few weeks, we hit over 300 [people]," said Brandon.

----Ron Rage will be appearing this coming Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR for ASWF. Rage will be a good new addition to a stale roster. Raven will be joining him the following week.