Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sex and Violence This Saturday Night!!!

----My good friend Tony Myers [Think I will get heat for saying that?? LOL But, hell, I have known the guy longer than some of you have been alive!!], presents another taste of his unusual cuisine of rasslin, fornication and splatter movies this coming Saturday night in Memphis, TN. Myers sent in the following and below that is a plug for their new DVD.

...Ok, onto the next time. On September 26th, there WILL BE 5 HUGE bands (G 90, Inches From Falling, Thorax Hum PLUS Memphis Legends GLUTTON4PUNISHMENT and YET ANOTHER TBA band!) . Hey! Bands, beer, blunts and bitches and THIS TIME the bands WILL BE ORGANIZED AND READY TO GO. As for the talent in SnV prepare: It is going to be The Asylum (Pappy and Psycho) AND the debuting "The Original Horror" Jason Myers going against the grain for an an all-out war at The Buccanneer as IT'S AN ALL OUT ASSAULT FROM THE WHOLEWIDE KNOWN CZW as Tournament of Death of Death Champion 2009 AND NEW CZW BOSS: DJ Hyde INVADE SnV The Home of SnV-The Buccaneer. Fun gets under way at 3pm with tons of bands and our hot chicks wrestling in fucking oil. If you are a fucking idiot and even ask who CZW is, go die and fuck yourself (not in that order) because you're a fucking moron!!!

Hot off the presses! Psycho RETAINS THE Sick Fuck Championship and A BRAND NEW LADIES SICK BYTCH CHAMPION IS CROWNED! Enjoy and please don't forget to comment! The DVD comes out next week so check our below info to see how you can reserve your copy today for only $12!!!