Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Arena Report: All Girls Show Jonesboro, AR 10.03.09

----The debut of an All Girls show did not come off without a few glitches, but overall it was a fun show. The show only had about 30 people in the crowd and they seem to all show up right before the matches started. The talent for this show was heads above other girl matches you see in this area.

----Jazz beat Angel-Leena in the opener. Jazz got a pop out of the small crowd. They started out working hold for hold. Armdrag to armbar from Jazz. Forearms to Jazz from Leena. Closeline to corner and then snapmare. Suplex to Jazz - near fall. Hard chops from both. Jazz comes out of heat to finish her off with a Jazz-driver. [**1/2]

----Simply Luscious beat Claudia Del Solis. Luscious plays perfect heel. A little shaky at front. They brawl outside the ring with hard chops. Luscious starts heat when they get back into the ring. Suplex from Luscious. DKO with flying hair head move. Del Solis comeback with flying closeline and chops. She misses a flying closeline int he corner and Luscious pins her using the ropes. [**]

----The Boss beat Joshua Cross. A special feature match with the guys. Just a simple squash with Cross trying everything against the big guy. Boss would get ready to pin him after a big move and just keep beating on him. The best I have seen Boss so far - Cross worked very hard bumping around and making Boss look good. Two hard chops from Boss. Two big legdrops from Boss. "Starr Struck" and instead of pinning him he got a sign that he put the "Starr Struck" on him for the pin. [*]

----"Wrestling Goddess" Athena beat Brittany Star. I was impressed with both girls here. Athena is slightly above everyone else on the roster, but Jazz. Solid worker. She did a tremendous job getting a good match out of Star. Star is green as grass, but she did a good job here just taking the heat and basic psychology. Stiff closelines from Athena - flying elbow to throat. She looked real smooth in everything. Star with comeback and hit a pretty flying bodypress from top rope. Athena finished her off with an unique finisher - she jumps from the second turnbuckle into a stunner going down split legged. Star took it perfect. [**1/2]

----Dominique came out to challenge Athena after the bout. Dominique beat Athena. Not a good match. Athena worked hard here and tried, but Dominique is not the level in the ring with these other girls. Not much psychology and just sloppy in spots. Dominique used a chop to stomach to throat combo [looked good] for finish and win. [*]


----Show started at 8:30 PM and ended at 9:45 PM...JD Kerry and Tejano Kid were the announcers...Jazz was wearing an ECW jacket... Angel-Leena is still a bit hesitant, but really has came a loooong way training with Jazz. I would consider her as one of the Most Improved of 2009...I really liked the finish of Del Solis/Luscious. Just simple stuff that does not hurt the baby. That is also a good spot to start heat - you don't have to rake the eyes to start heat!!!...Nothing really wrong with Boss/Cross bout, but didn't get much of a rating because of squash. Cross - formerly known as Regulator...Athena vs Jazz could become a solid feud with really good matches...I hate comparing myself to anyone or making references to my luxurious career [yeah right], but would you rather book BT Express for matches or Coach BT as a manager?? [you can not answer neither lol] Dominique is good on the mic and a solid manager. I would put her in that role until she is 100% ready to do matches. I am a firm believer in putting people in roles they are good at, instead of trying to make everyone into wrestlers...All of the bouts, except the main had perfect psychology...This group will probably build with once a month shows and see how it goes from there. Jazz has big plans...All the ladies were super nice and a good time was had by all. Thanks to cast and crew for their hospitality.