Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Arena Report: Championship Wrestling - West Middle School - Jackson, TN 10.10.09

Maxx Corbin vs Kevin White

----After going to the NEW on Friday, I felt that the Saturday night show might be a letdown of sorts. I was wrong. Although, as you will see, the guys don't go out to have [*****] matches, they still put on a very entertaining show with a hot crowd. A few lessons can be learned from the promoting of this show. Maxx Corbin was the main promoter of the show putting together help from the school and doing the advertising. This kid helped them draw a final number of 280 fans. I am sure the guys on the show enjoyed working in front of a bigger crowd and Corbin got a crowd by just doing the basics.

----Dice beat Bones in the opener. Dice got a big reaction. I was not expecting much out of Bones, because he has only had a handful of matches. Nothing great from him, but he didn't embarrass himself either. Dice missed a flying press to get heat started. Perfect psychology. Dice comes out of heat with dropkicks. Bones runs into the corner and misses Dice - Dice rolls him up for the win. [*]

----Rude comes out to challenge Dice. Rude jumps him before the bell. Rude is so smooth. Rude just working hard making Dice look like a million bucks.Chop to Dice. Rude misses flying headbutt from the turnbuckle. Dice comes back with 2 dropkicks and a backdrop. Dice rolls up Rude for the pin. [**1/2]

----RRO Tag Team of the Year 2008 "Black Label Society" [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley] beat Christian Shane/Cody Melton.Shane was the weak link here, but did a good job selling. AJ was bumping like crazy in the shine and crowd was going crazy. Melton pulled Douglas' trunks up in his butt - so we got a full ass shot. Heat on Shane with just basic stuff, but crowd was eating it up. Melton also real smooth here. BLS do smooth double team finisher - powerbomb/RKO combo. Shane was going for the hot tag and Douglas was waiting on him. As Douglas ran to hit him with a closeline, Shane ducked and AJ ran from the other side with both hitting each other - sweet spot. Melton with hot tag. Melton ended up outside the ring with AJ. Douglas pins Shane as Melton does sunset flip into the ring to pin Bradley, but Kellen James only seen the Douglas pin for the win. [**3/4]

----Mickey McCoy came out to challenge anyone in the back - he wanted the biggest guy. So..Spellbinder came out to work him. Spell was in full gimmick. Crowd loved him. McCoy then called out Su Yung/Garry White to help him. They ended up making a mixed tag match - Spellbinder/Assistant principal: Karmala Kimberlin beat Mickey McCoy/Su Yung. Crowd was hot for this match. McCoy worked really hard bumping all over the place. Spell used his silly string web thingy out of nowhere. McCoy starts heat with help from Yung. All the heels did a good job keeping the fans into the bout. McCoy hit a elbow smash from the top rope and then went for a second one and missed. Yung jumped on Spell's back and then Kimberlin grabbed her. Kimberlin did a good job slinging Yung around and did not look out of place. Spell pinned McCoy after a chokeslam. Big pop. [**1/2]

----Brian Christopher beat Albino Rhino in good solid match. Rhino did a good mic spill at the start bringing out some Sgt Slaughter mixed with Vader. Brian C runs into Rhino and just keeps bumping off. Brian trying to get Rhino off his feet - hits the superkick, but Rhino just stays up. Rhino goes to the floor. Brian C hits a baseball slide with Albino bumping to floor. Brian hits a bulldog on the gym floor. They battle thru the crowd and Brian goes to get a paddle. They don't let him use it. Albino slams Brian's head to the bleachers. He goes backstage and brings out a football helmet that he uses on Brian and puts under the ring. Rhino misses a legdrop and Brian C hits two dropkicks, then one from the second rope. !0 Punch in the corner from Brian C followed by a ref bump. Brian finally gets Rhino down by hitting him a couple times in the nuts and then uses the helmet on him. This is followed by the "hip-hop drop" for the win & pin on Rhino. [***]

----Maxx Corbin beat "Nature Boy" Kevin White with Su Yung/Garry White in the main event. Maxx got a huge pop!! Just a bunch of working the crowd to start with White avoiding Maxx. Kevin seem to be having a great time. Heat starts when Garry trips Maxx to start heat. Kevin works his leg and uses a chain ["Ghost of Don Bass"] to get Maxx down. Kevin misses a senton bomb and Maxx comes back with two big closelines. White cuts him off and uses chain for the win. Ref gets out of the ring, but the Principal Ricky Catlett restarted the match. Kevin ends up being powerslammd by Catlett and Maxx pinned him as he counts the pin. Big pop for the win. Maxx did a nice mic spill after the match. [***]


----Principal Ricky Catlett was the mc for the night and did a great job!!...For some reason when I am in the dressing room with Albino Rhino I think I should "pick" on him a bit. Well hell if he whips my ass - at least he is the biggest there; right?? NEVER EVER try to line up with a guy that weighs 411 lbs with football experience, especially when you are fat & old...Kellen James is a damn good ref. I would have to put him along with Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno as the best refs in the area. I like Kaleb, TJ and Tim Daniels also...Dice use to tag with Iceman and Jazz as the "Blackbirds" - remember them??...I have seen Rude work twice in the last few weeks. I guess I forgot just how good he is - he has always been a tag team guy, but could be a top heel in any promotion in this area...Douglas had a little kid jump him out of the crowd before the match even started. This was only the third bout of the year for BLS and they didn't miss a beat!! Bradley is always bumping like crazy, but Douglas looked great also. Funny that I put that BLS lost in the first Quick Results, even though this was their first win of the year...McCoy works up north in Wisconsin. He came to the area for a wedding and was suppose to work at TIWF in Trenton. He ran into Brian Christopher and had worked on a show with him before and Brian invited him to come work for them for the night...Brian C worked really hard, but is a little out of shape. But, did get over with the crowd and seem to have fun. He came out after the show to sign autographs and sell gimmicks...Thanks to everyone for putting on a good show. I had a great time. Fun time was had by all.