Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ASWF Troubles...

----A note from

ASWF owner and promoter David Walls informed the Council the dispute has affected arena attendance and hopes to remain in the building permanently.

“It has really hurt our business,” Walls said. “I would like to have some kind of lease. We just want to stay in business.”

Tuckerman Mayor Everett King assured Wells the city would not force him out of the structure wishes to sell the property if they can obtain a full title.

“We are not going to kick you out,” King said. “We want to sell you the building, if we can sell you the building. We can’t lease or sell you anything that we don’t own.”

----King also stated, "It might be because your roster is stale is the reason you are not drawing.." [JUST KIDDING GUYS - MAKING SURE YOU ARE READING!!]