Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food For Thought "Ruler of the World" by Jamie Jay

Hello everyone!

Let me start out by saying, I had fun at the NEW Anniversary show! This was a real good show & I got to get out of the house & see some friends! Austin Lane vs Eric Wayne was a really good match! I thank everyone at NEW for treating me like I was one of their own! Congrats to Ken Wayne & all the workers for a hell of a show!

Now, I know last time I said I was going to talk about the athletic commission & the conversation I had with them, but there is another phone call I think everyone would like to know about...So next time we'll talk about the athletic commission. Before I start into this I'll explain the whole conversation, then give my thoughts on it!

OK, 10/08/09 at exactly 8:12 pm. I called Sid Vicious, Sid Eudy, Psycho Sid here's how it went....

Sid- Hello?

Jamie- Hey Sid this is Jamie Jay.

Sid- Hey Jamie, how are you?

Jamie- Good. I was wondering if you & you're boy was still doing the gimmick?

Sid- (angry tone) What Gimmick?

Jamie- The Lord Humongous gimmick?

Sid- Yea

Jamie- Well, PWA Entertainment is running a show in SouthHaven on Oct.17Th & I was wondering if you & him would like to come do it?

Sid- Nah.. I don't want to mess with the License in Mississippi.

Jamie- Oh, you don't have to worry about it. We've talked to the mayor about it & he said since their annexed with Memphis not to worry about it.

(This is when it starts!)

Sid- (angry tone) Look Jamie, you're a SHADY dude & I don't want to work for you!

Jamie- (I'm lost) What do you mean brother? How am I being Shady?

Sid- (still angry) You figure it out!

Jamie- That's what I'm trying to do! How have I been shady?

Sid- (steaming now) Look you say you want to book me on these shows but I've never seen you run a show!

Jamie- (I'm getting mad now) How do you figure? I was gonna book you on the McCrory
show & we couldn't get things figured out! I know there is going to be alot of people there & you could do great on gimmicks!

Sid- (Still steaming) I don't do gimmicks! Whatever, you're wasting my time, just don't call me anymore! (click)!

I can't stand for somebody to hang up on me, especially when we haven't worked out the problem! So, what do I do? I call him back!

Sid- Hello?

Jamie- Sid, look brother, if I said something or did something, I apologize! I didn't mean to come off any sorta way, just trying to book you!

Sid- (angry) Look you're a shady dude!

Jamie- How?

Sid- (really pissed) Stop wasting my time! (Screaming) DON'T EVER CALL ME!!! (click)!

That was the end of that conversation & the last time I've talked to Sid! As soon as I got off the phone I called Ron Rage & told him what had happened! He just said " You never know?" That's the thing, I don't know? I don't know what happened? I've talked to Sid numerous times & never had a bad word with each other. Where did this come from? As soon as this happened my brain started wondering... Was it drugs? Was it roid rage? Was it that he just doesn't like me? Am I SHADY???

Now, that I've had a couple of days to think about it, I know it wasn't me!!! I haven't been shady! He talked about me talking to him about doing shows then not running them. I did run that show! I just didn't want to use him! Not, that I didn't want to use him but I wasn't gonna pay him to come in & do what he wanted to do! At the McCrory, AR show he wanted a couple hundred bucks to sit in the crowd & then jump in the ring & beat somebody down & power bomb them! What good is that for me? I'm paying him & not even advertising him. You can't advertise him because you're not supposed to know he's gonna be there sitting in the crowd. Makes no sence! If there was an angle to be ran than that would be one thing, but there was no angle! There was no benefit for me paying him to come in!

I lost all respect for Sid when he done this! I still respect him for what he's done in the biz, the money he's made, main event Wrestlemania, but as a person I have NO respect for him! What have I done to you? I'm just the next guy trying to make money in this biz and me using Sid the right way can make us both money! Actually, I don't know what to say about the whole situation! lol! I'm not mad at him, but I don't have respect for him anymore. I'm just wondering why he went off like that?

I've had people ask me what do I think about Gunnar Eudy in the ring at 16 & him doing the Humongous gimmick? I don't care who does the gimmick! It has nothing to do with me. Its not mine, so whatever! About him being 16 in the ring, I haven't watched him work so I don't know? I heard he wasn't trained if not, I think he should be properly trained before being in there. They live there in Marion, I don't know why Sid doesn't let Ken Wayne train him! If he is trained, good for him, he has an early start! That's that!

Back to Sid! I don't understand the deal, but whatever! I think somebody with that much influence would help the younger generation! Guess not? He has helped some though, Kevin Thorn, Ron Rage, & Mickey Ray! I guess just not me! That's what you get for being SHADY!

Is there a Mr. Controversy award in RRO? lol! I'm a nominee! That's not a good thing to brag about though!

Don't forget PWA Entertainment show at the festival in SouthHavan, MS 10/17/09
First show is 11-1
Sencond show is 2-4

Next time the conversation with the athletic commission! Who turned PWA in to the commission??? We'll see? Well, chew on that.....just sayin!!! lol!

----Jamie Jay provides a bi-weekly column about the local focusing on his career and thoughts on the area. Jay is the driving force behind PWA, which promotes shows in the area Jay is currently sidelined with a knee injury.