Friday, October 09, 2009

IWA Ratings Report 10.03.09

----The .6 rating of almost 10,000 viewers seems to be the hurdle that this show has to jump. They have scored this rating twice now, but don't seem to be able to get over it. The show featured no zero quarters, but still had a loss overall - not big, but a loss. The second quarter had a bump in ratings, but then a drop in the third. I am going to contribute that to the tag match in the 3rd quarter, although there is no real way to know. They could have been turning it off from watching Tatt2 vs Suicide, but I would have to believe since that quarter was so high, they wanted to watch the finish of that match and then the tag team match stunked up the show. 3rd and 4th retained the same number, so those watching were not turning anything off. Memphis Wrestling, which aired informercials agains this week, scored another .3 [4859 viewers].

.6 [9718 viewers overall]

1st Quarter

-Precious vs Stunner

-Cryme vs Syn
.6 [9718 viewers]

2cnd Quarter

-Cryme vs Syn [finish]

-Tatt2 vs Suicide
.8 [12960 viewers] [+3242 viewers]

3rd Quarter

-Tatt2 vs Suicide [finish]

-FSA vs Malik/CA
.5 [8098 viewers] [-4862 viewers]

4th Quarter

-Psycho vs V-Man

-“Fall Out” Highlights
.5 [8098 viewers] [n/c]

From start to finish [-1680 viewers]

Time slot winner - what Memphis is watching?
Sonic/Babar 1.1 [17,007 viewers]