Friday, October 02, 2009

IWA Ratings Report 9.26.09

----There is good news and there is bad news. The show did average ratings. The first two quarters had horrible ratings of .2 and zero. But, the last two quarters picked up the pace with the last quarter finishing better than any other week. They actually ended the show with plus viewers, which was the first time this happened. There was more good news as Memphis Wrestling didn't air, but IWA up to this point had not beat them, even when they aired infomercials. They did this week! The informercials only retained 33% of the viewers scoring .3 [4859 viewers].

----I think the story of the upcoming 3-hour wrestling block, when XOW joins the herd on 10.10.09, will be whether Memphis Wrestling will continue to air or not?? Will the show finally die?? Can XOW and IWA take the place and present live events building around their TV??

Overall: .4 [6478 viewers]

1st Quarter

-ANT int
-Hines vs ANT
-Precious vs Malik
.02 [3239 viewers]

2cnd Quarter

-Precious vs Malik [finish]
-FSA/Cryme vs SnS/Suicide
ZERO [-3239 viewers]

3rd Quarter

- FSA/Cryme vs SnS/Suicide [finish]
-Baron vs Carnage
.5 [8098 viewers] [+8098 viewers]

4th Quarter

-Baron vs Carnage [finish]
-Asylum vs Cymba/Armo
.9 [14577 viewers] [+6479 viewers]

From start to finish: [+11338 viewers]

Timeslot winner - what was Memphis watching??
Willa Life/Sherina 3.0 [49398 viewers]