Thursday, October 08, 2009

IWA TV Report 10.03.09

----Thursday mornings look to be the time when I finally get to watch IWA TV, so try to stay tune every Thursday for IWA TV Report. Ratings will be posted tomorrow.


----Jason Hall and Eddie Spain open the show.

----Precious vs DJ Stunner opens up the show. Opened with move by move with each one going for a pin. Stunner in the shine with arm drags. Stunner with a standing shooting star. Stunner to the top turnbuckle and Precious knocks him off – looked sloppy. Precious with a flying legdrop from second turnbuckle. Precious in the heat. Dropkick from Precious. Punches in corner followed by “Stone Cold” stomps. Perfect psychology here. Precious with standing moonsault. Precious misses a legdrop from top rope. Near falls with Precious ending it with a Maple Leaf Back snapper.

----Syn vs Cryme. Cryme does an interview, but he does not even face the camera. Cryme slaps Syn and I think Jason Hall had an orgasm. Two dropkicks and two head scissors from Syn. Cryme to the floor and Syn hits him with Asai moonsault. Cryme hits a spinebuster to start heat. Cryme with sleeperhold. Cryme tries superplex, but Syn blocks it. Syn jumps from top turnbuckle to ropes for springboard moonsault for near fall. Near falls with a flying shooting star. Cryme trying for “Cryme-wave”, but Syn gets “sliced bread #2” for DKO. They battle for backslide and then Cryme hits “Crime-wave” [RKO] for finish. Good solid bout – sloppy in spots, but good psychology.

----Suicide [IWA Lightweight Champion] vs Tatt2. Cryme comes out to watch match. Good hold for hold to start it out. Tatt2 looks big against Suicide. Closeline into the corner from Suicide followed by a t-bone [Terrance Ward???] suplex. Tatt2 with springboard flying press. Not much in psychology here with face vs face bout. Just trading moves back and forth. Leapfrog spot messed up. Flying sidekick. Near falls building for finish. Roundhouse kicks from Tatt2. Springboard moonsault for near fall on Suicide. Got sloppy from Suicide. Tatt2 hits a headscissors followed by a “901” followed by a springboard frogsplash for the win. Not as good as it sounds, but a fun match.

----“Full Scale Assault” [Xander Raines & Jason Steele] vs Malik [I refused to call him "The Great"] & Carnage Antwane [US Champion from win at “Fall Out”] is next. Reno Diamond joined them at announcer’s desk. Raines with suplex on CA. Double team move – heat on CA. CA makes a comeback. I just couldn’t watch much more of this match – can you say?? NO PSYCHOLOGY!! Come’on guys!! Damn!! They ended up beating up Malik, [who got a hot tag, but CA was shitcanned] and pinning him. Not good.

----V-Man vs Psycho is the main event. Pappy is ringside. Trading punches. Single arm DDT with headbutt. V-Man with a bodyslam and legdrop. V-Man with a big dropkick – announcers had another orgasm. Very little psychology. Psycho cuts him off. Spinkick in the corner. Pappy chokes V-Man. V-Man misses a stinger splash and then Psycho hits a superkick. “Fall for Grace” for pin. DKO Psycho hits a closeline. Finish had Psycho use a chain for the win. “Asylum” beat up V-Man until Sniper makes save, and then Pappy is punished by “Bar-None”.

----Show ends with clips from “Fall Out”, but really needed announcing behind it telling all the results.


----Why do they not do some editing when guys mess up moves?...First match was good…Announcers talk about the World Title being decided in a 30 man battle royal. Why call anything a World Title?? Why have any title decided in a battle royal??..Syn and Stunner were selling injuries from “Fall Out”… Next big show for this group "Halloween Massacre" 10.30.09…C’Lo Banks is a good ref…Malik does the same moves as flying sidekicks and springboard moves that everyone else does, but other guys are smoother with them...V-Man is now in as a babyface with Sniper forming “Bar-None” after doing the heel Armageddon gimmick…They injured Pappy after the match because he needs time off for surgery – but that really made no sense – babys hurting heels and heel will come back for revenge??...First two matches were good, Tatt2 was fun and other stuff needed work.