Thursday, October 01, 2009

IWA TV Report 9.26.09

----I am still running a little late on these reports. Ratings will be up late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

----ANT [Amazing Natural Talent] comes out for an interview with the US Title. He talks about “Fall Out”. But, that show was the night before. ANT vs Eldrick Hines. No psychology. I like ANT, but he needs to learn how to work as a heel. ANT beats him with a powerbomb. Carnage Antwane walked out after the match.

----Precious vs Malik “The Great” is next. 3 minutes before the actually locked up. Good hold for hold to start out. Precious tries to slap Malik’s ass. Three dropkicks from Malik. Precious to floor – Malik flying over the top rope to floor. Heat starts outside the ring. Sends him in the ring and flips over the top rope onto him. Flying press hot spot from Malik. Closeline to cut him off. Standing moonsault from Precious. Perfect psychology. Punches to Malik in corner to “Stone Cold” stomps. Flying headscissors from Malik followed by Pele kick. Standing hurracanrana. Precious cuts him off and goes for a moonsault. Both of them down – DKO. Near fall. Malik with a missile dropkick – sloppy. Malik misses a flying closeline. Precious slips on the ropes. Malik jumps over the top rope again. Match falls apart here and get real sloppy. Precious uses a foreign object to lose by DQ. Sniper runs out. Reno Diamond comes out and sends him back into the ring to get beat up by Sniper/Malik.

----Next up – “Full Scale Assault” [Xander Raines & Jason Steele] & Cryme vs “SnS” [Syn & Stunner] & Suicide. Cryme and Suicide start it out. Good fun series of moves from these two. Syn with Steele next – good dropkicks from Syn. Raines then comes in to to work Stunner. Stunner hit a dropkick and I didn’t know if Raines was going to get up or not. LOL Pretty standing suplex from Raines to Stunner – heat starts – Steele then on Stunner. Stunner messes up a move and somehow is coming out of heat. Can you say?? Say it with me…..NO PSYCHOLOGY!! Start of heat again [not sure you could call this double] on Syn. Cryme misses a frogsplash and Syn goes for hot tag to Stunner and Suicide. Spinebuster from Raines to Stunner. They did a tower in the corner for no reason. Syn pinned Raines for the win. Heels beat babys up after match. Not good.

----Carnage Antwane vs the debuting RRO Gimmick of the Year 2008 Winner: “The Baron” Malkavain. Announcers keep calling him “The Vampire” – that just cracked me up. They exchange punches with Malkavain not selling. Antwane closelines him over the top rope and Baron lands on his feet. Heat with three big punches with Antwane selling good. CA already coming out of heat. Say it with me…NO PSYCHOLOGY!! This got slow and sloppy. Baron flips into the turnbuckle just hanging there as Antwane runs for him. Baron with a flying kick into the corner. Big legdrop from Baron. Baron with flying bodypress from top rope. Sidewalk slam from Antwane. Punches and big boot. ANT distracts him and Baron hits “Nail in the Coffin” to get win. Last part was good.

----Main event: Cymba & Armageddon with Victor Reed vs "The Asylum" [Psycho & Pappy]. This could be bad. Everyone in the ring. Armo no sells and then hits a big boot on Pappy. Big boot on Psycho. Armo/Psycho in the ring with Cymba/Pappy outside the ring. Armo does a good job in the Lord Humongous role. Armo bodyslams Psycho!! Armo with another big boot to Psycho. Psycho finally making a comeback. Swinging side kick to Armo’s head. [yes…pretty good from a big guy] Psycho with splash and then Armo with a closeline sending him back down. Psycho makes another comeback with flying elbow, but Armo doesn’t go down as Psycho bumps flat on his ass. Psycho with a “Starr Struck” and Armo gets up. Armo belly to belly on Psycho. [yes..I said that]. Double countout with Armo/Psycho out of the ring. Just a brawl. Fun spots with Armo/Psycho, but not a great match.


----They got to get these shows in proper date order – not have a show talking about “Fall Out” as if it is coming this week, when it happened the night before…Sound was much better this week and seem to be “mic’ed” into the camera. Good to see them improving, but I had to listen to that “GAWD AWLFUL” Jason Hall. It is like he is screaming into the mic!! He makes me miss Corey Maclin and Reggie B Fine…They make note that Precious fired Officer Hudson…Why would you use Malkavain as a heel?? The popularity of vampires right now – he can ONLY be a baby!!! He should have been featured in a squash bout…They need a second camera. And, if they do have a big show, then show clips of the results and then offer the DVD for sale!! Drop me an e-mail – RRO has a professional set up for that!! [shameless plug]…Not a great show – 3 out of the 4 bouts had no psychology. I will give it to Baron/CA for trying and the main event was designed to just be a brawl. Overall Precious keeps having the best matches on the show.