Saturday, October 24, 2009

IWA TV: Results and Ratings Report 10.10.09

----This is 2 weeks late, but I know that the workers like to look at the ratings and such. Below is the TV Results and Ratings for the 10.10.09 IWA TV show. This is the new format that I will be presenting without detailed match descriptions - if you want to watch the matches, then watch the show. I will be giving results, notes and ratings for each show. Hopefully this will also speed up the process of getting the reports posted.


-Tatt2 beat by DQ RRO Gimmick of the Year 2008 The “Baron” Malkavain when the Baron would not quit punching Tatt2.

-“SnS” [Syn/DJ Stunner] beat “Full Scale Assault” [Xander Raines & Jason Steele] to retain the IWA Tag Team Titles.

-Battle Royal for IWA Title – Precious defeats Rage to win the belt.


----RRO Announcer of the Year 2007 Michael Ward joins Jason Hall as an announcer. They should have got rid of Hall and kept Spain…Still not sure why they are pushing Malkavain as a heel???...Pull-a-part brawl after first match. IWA Commish Reno Diamond came out – he should be in a three-piece suit – the announcers were dressed better…Swinging “Starr Struck” on Syn from Xander looked awesome…Hall refers to some of the wrestlers as “cats” – I guess he is trying to be urban cool – but it comes off real unprofessional…Hall called Xander a “big grizzly bear” – the gay community was happy for that moment…Finish of tag match was silly with heels pinning the wrong guy and then Reno restarting the match with babys pinning them, BUT it got a big pop. You got to put your champs over CLEAN...Bishop debuted in the battle royal…Rage debuted and finished in the end...They really need a second camera - up close!! I can't believe I am saying this, but Hall was not just horrible for this show - Ward made for a better partner.

Best Match

-Tatt2 vs Malkavain – Good solid bout. One of the best matches so far for IWA. They work well together. Finish looked a little screwed up, but overall match had good psychology and fun moves.

Worst Match
-Battle Royal – The match started in the 2cnd quarter and went all the way thru to the end. I hate the idea of titles being decided thru a Battle Royal, especially when even at the end no pin is made.

Must See?
-Nothing that you can’t live without.


----The show finished with an overall rating of less than 2,000 viewers. This was not good. If you look, they actually only had a .2 quarter with rest of them zero. So, it was more like .05, but the TV station rounds up to a .1, making it more of an average of just over 800 viewers per quarter. Memphis Wrestling, airing a Lawler for Mayor special, posted a .6 [9717 viewers] overall.

Overall Rating:
.1 [1620 viewers]

Quarter Ratings

1st Quarter
-Baron vs Tatt2

-SnS vs FSA
-Battle Royal
.0 [n/c]

-Battle Royal
.2 [3239 viewers] [+3239 viewers]

-Battle Royal
.0 [-3239 viewers]

From start to finish
[-3239 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?
Busytown/Suite Life 2.3 [37249 viewers]