Saturday, October 31, 2009

IWA TV: Results and Ratings Report 10.23.09 - Show Two Posts Best Rating So Far!

----I joined this program in progress at the 22 minute mark. I have no idea what was on the front of the show. I could not get anyone to send the other results, so I will just cover the 38 minutes of the show that I did watch.


-Seth Knight beat DJ Stunner when Jason Steele pushed Stunner off the ropes and Knight hits the “sour face silencer” for the pin and win.

-“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] beat Big Red/Big Ace with “Fall From Grace” on Ace.

-Armageddon with Victor Reed beat Precious.

-Bishop/The Baron Malkavain beat Carnage Antwane.


----They have added a second camera!!!...Something that was pointed out to me – and it really is clear on the second camera shoot – they have all the colors wrong for the shoot. Take a look at other wrestling shows – dark crowd – lights in the ring. It really does make for a better TV shoot. Just think about the old ECW stuff – it puts all the focus to the ring…Ok, so they get a second camera, but want to shoot the ringpost. Come on guys!! Have you ever watched a wrestling show??...Big Ace was getting a good response…Psycho did a flying spin kick to Red in the corner!! “Asylum” working babys here, but I thought they were heels?? LOL Psycho hits a “Dreamcatcher” on the floor on Red – damn!!...Precious is working baby now and I have no idea why. Match with Armo wasn’t much as in action, but perfect way to get a babyface over. Have you noticed how they seem to treat their champions like crap every show?? Not in a good way either…Blazer is good as heel commish, but we still have no idea what happened to Reno Diamond other than him being suspended…Blazer joined Michael Ward for commentary on last match. He is good, but I am not a big fan of heel announcers that don’t see stuff – like calling clotheslines as open fists and stuff…All of sudden Baron had blood all over him and Tatt2 jumped him?? What the hell happened?? Match continues with Bishop vs CA. It turned out with Precious coming out and going at it with Bishop after the match. Bishop left him laying.

Best Match
-“Asylum” vs Ace/Red. Just solid bout with “Asylum” looking good here. Did not see the opening bout or the complete Knight vs Stunner bout.

Worst Match
-Nothing horrible on this show. Everyone was working hard.

Must See?
-Nothing really.


----IWA posted their best rating to date with the 12:00 NOON airing of this first run show scoring over 14,000 viewers and a .9 rating. This show was listed as XOW in the ratings. They had a good lead in with Memphis Wrestling doing a 1.3 and they retained 69% of the Memphis Wrestling audience. This is good news for the promotion, but there also “strings” attached to it. #1: I believe Memphis Wrestling has to air something people want to see. #2: The Noon slot looks to be a better bet than the 10:00 slot. #3: Both promotions have to AIR to make a difference. Even though SEC football is very popular, the rating of 8.0 of over 125,000 viewers does let you know that people are watching TV at that time.

Overall Rating:
.9 [14576 viewers]

Quarter Ratings

1st Quarter
.6 [9717 viewers]

2cnd Quarter
-Knight vs Stunner
-Asylum vs Red/Ace
.6 [9717 viewers] [n/c]

3rd Quarter
-Asylum vs Red/Ace [finish]
-Precious vs Armo
1.2 [19434 viewers] [+9717 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Precious vs Armo [finish]
-Bishop vs CA
1.1 [17814 viewers] [-1620]

From start to finish
[+8098 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?
SEC football
8.0 [129158 viewers]