Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lawler for Mayor!!

----D-Rock had the following posted on WNC today.

Today is the Special Election in Memphis that will crown a new Mayor. Jerry "The King" Lawler is a candidate and needs your vote.

This past Saturday, instead of Memphis Wrestling, they aired a Lawler for Mayor Special, which featured many Memphians giving their support, saying they are going to vote for Jerry Lawler. Lawler was also endorsed by some of his fellow WWE buddies including:

Dolph Ziggler
The Miz
Matt Striker
Todd Grisham
John Morrison
The Big Show
Rey Mysterio (In Espanol)
John Cena
Kelly Kelly

Lawler said that Memphis Wrestling will be back, next week, at 11:00am.

They showed many of the news clips from the local television stations, most of which, had to deal with Lawler being excluded from WREG-TV/Channel 3's Mayoral Debate that was decided by polls by WREG, in conjunction with, The Commercial Appeal and MPACT Memphis. Lawler challenged the debate.

Jerry Lawler wants to be the next Mayor of Memphis to run the city with fairness and honesty, while using common sense.

They aired highlights of Jerry Lawler in the first Mayoral Debate on WMC-TV 5.

Lawler clarified that there have, actually, been five polls taken about who people want to be the next Mayor of Memphis. Two by The Commercial Appeal, two by radio stations, and the one by Channel 3, but of those polls, Lawler said he came in first in three of them, second in one and in the one that mattered, for Channel 3, he polled only two percent, thus excluding him from the debate. They showed a video of Lawler and his lawyer delivering a cease and desist letter to WREG.

Video of Lawler with Reverend Al Sharpton, talking about Memphis city schools. Lawler invited Sharpton to bring his Education Reform Tour to Memphis.

Lawler said he wants to create an incentive program for the Memphis city schools. WWE would stand for "Win With Education". Lawler added that he wanted to bring in WWE Superstars like, John Cena and Rey Mysterio, to the school that has the highest grade point average and for the schools that read the most books, they would get free tickets to one of the live events at the FedExForum. This would give the kids an incentive to get excited about school.

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, endorsed Lawler.

Lawler also shared his idea for a "Mobile Mayor's Office" where they'll take a city bus and go to different communities in two-week intervals.

Lawler said he wants to market Memphis like a superstar and told the voters, "Don't let any polls tell you who to vote for. I want you to go to the polls, October 15th, and vote for me as Mayor of Memphis and together, we'll make a better Memphis and we'll make Memphis a superstar".