Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Shows On Channel 50???

----Rich @ reported the following yesterday.

No wrestling shows aired today on 50 Wpxx out of Memphis. IWA, XOW or Memphis Wrestling didn't air today and from what I heard is that the IWA and XOW shows paid to be on the air today and they aired payed programming instead of wrestling. I don't know about Memphis Wrestling but I'm sure they paid to be on the air today also. This could mess up show dates, plots and most of all piss off the sponsors who paid for advertisement to be on the wrestling shows.

----It was also posted on the HJB message board [and remember what we had reported last week on TIWF board] the following. I am under the impression that the shows are PAID advertising, so there would not be an exclusive or anything like that. So, I am not sure the truth in Corey Maclin having them pulled off, but I will try to get it confirmed.

Channel 50 has been accused of violating the contract they had with Memphis Wrestling by airing other competing wrestling shows therefore IWA nad XOW have been pulled from the tv schedule until the legal issues with Corey are settled.