Friday, October 02, 2009

Putting Over: "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs & EWE Web Site!!

Jon Michael vs Christian Jacobs

----Christian Jacobs could add the moniker "Mr. September" to his gimmick. The last four weeks CJ has been on fire. I first got a call that I should watch the Dell Tucker No DQ from 9.05.09 match. A very good match. Tucker is one of the most underrated and CJ was almost perfect here. Next up was the match at "Super Summer Showdown" with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony. Another good solid bout. Next up was an all over the building "Street Fight" with TGB. I would put it up there with the Bishop vs DK match from SSS. And this past weekend, he worked a 35 minute match with "Trendsetter" Jon Michael. A tremendous bout that was as good as babyface vs babyface bout you will ever get. The guys mixed it up a bit also with moves and psychology. Great match!! I would easily consider it a "Match of the Year" candidate. All that said, CJ puts himself in a good position with 3 months left in 2009 for RRO Awards. He could be considered for Match, Most Underrated, Horizon, Most Improved and Tag Team of the Year 2009. He also helps his opponents in the MVP Performer category - Jon Michael and TGB. I predict that 2010 will be the "Year of Candy" as he is right at that point to going from a good solid worker to a great worker.

----I would never have had the chance to see all these bouts if it wasn't for Dustin Williams and the EWE web site. Dustin has been running the site for most of the year. It looks really professional and he also does something that no other promotion in this area - he his the videotographer for EWE and posts every match each week for the fans & workers to watch. CLICK HERE and give it a look. Dustin does a good job and works hard on the site. I would have to give this a nod for nominee for "Site of the Year."