Tuesday, October 06, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.03.09

Morgan Williams vs Tommy Wayne

Our show would start as is does every week with local kids holding the flag during the playing of our National Anthem.

1st Match: One Fall Non-Title Match
Tommy Wayne (X-Division Champion) vs Morgan Williams
Winner: Morgan Williams
Morgan would pin Tommy after Tommy tried to hit Morgan in the head with the X-Division belt. He would get a Muscle Cutter for his trouble.

2nd Match: One Fall
Joshua Cross vs David Cox
Winner: No Contest
Both would be counted out after David Cox would drag Cross to the outside and behind beating the heck out of Cross.

3rd Match: One Fall Non-Title Match
X-Kaliber (European Champion)vs Mark Wolfe
Winner: Mark Wolfe
Tommy Wayne would rush to the ring while the referee was distracted by Athena Eclipse and hit Wolf in the head with the X-Division belt. Morgan Williams would come to Wolf's aid and deliever another Muscle Cutter this time to X-Kaliber. Mark would roll over and pin X-Kaliber for the win.

4th Match: One Fall
Seth Sabor vs Vinny Ramano
Winner: Seth Sabor
Both would be equally match but Sabor would land his finish in the end and take home the victory with a pinfall.

5th Match: ASWF Tag Team Title Match
CM2 (Cason McClain & Cody Murdoch) vs Chuck Fears & Christopher Lee
Winner: Chuck Fears & Christopher Lee
Fears and Lee would try their best to win this match fair and square. But CM2 didn't want that to happen> Cody Murdoch would then hit the referee in the last part of the match to get CM2 disqualified but they would still retain their title.

6th Match: ASWF Title Match
Deadly Dale vs Demon X
Winner: Demon X
Demon X would need the help of Johnny Hawk to make sure that he remained Champion. Hawk would take advatage of the referee being distracted by Demon X to hit Dale in the throat with a metal object. Demon X would then win the match via pinfall.

7th Match: One Fall
Scott Fury vs Ron Rage
Winner: Ron Rage
After weeks of trying to find Scott Fury he would. Ron Rage would dominate this match and win by pinfall after a devestating blow.

8th Match: Tag Team Match
Midnight Gold (Greg Anthony & Bobby Eaton w/ Brian Thompson) vs LSD (Cody Only & Idol Bane)
Winner: LSD
Midnight Gold would do everything in their power to remain top dog in this match. But good would prevail as Idol would take control and pin Bobby Eaton for the win.

Credit: Terrance Ward @ www.wrestlngnewscenter.com

Photo by: Lily Winningham

----I heard a little over 100 people at the show...CLICK HERE as T-Bone posted some videos from ASWF.