Friday, October 16, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.10.09

Our show would start as is does every week with local kids holding the flag during the playing of our National Anthem.

1st Match: Tag Team Match
LSD (Cody Only/Deadly Dale) vs Vinny Ramano/Joshua Cross
Winner: LSD
Cody would start this match face to face with Vinny taking control early and not letting go. Vinny and Cross would soon regain control later in the match but LSD would pull one over when Cody would pin Cross for the win.

2nd Match: One Fall
Cody Murdoch vs Morgan Williams
Winnter: Cody Murdoch
Throughout the match Williams would try in vein to over power the Big Rigg. But he would prove to be too much as both men would try their finisher and fail. Murdoch would then catch Morgan off gaurd and plant the Flatbed and get the win.

3rd Match: Tag Team Match
The Enforcer/Madd Dogg (The K9's) vs Kid Krazzy/Seth Sabor
Winner: Sabor/Krazzy
This match would be a reunion would be the return of ASWF Original Madd Dogg. The K9's would take the lead early and would use Madd Dogg's chain leash to cause punishment to their opponent. However, luck would be on Seth and Kid's side as Kid would land a double moonsault and Seth would get the pin over The Enforcer.

4th Match: One Fall
Tiny vs Hot Rod John Ellison
This was a match that you could hear, see, and feel. Tiny, a 350+ pound man, would use pure force to overcome Hot Rod. Hot Rod would have to resort to old school tactics and grabbed the bell hammer and struck Tiny in the head. Ellison would then pin him for the win.

5th Match: One Fall
Scott Fury vs Ron Rage
Winner: Scott Fury (Reverse Decision)
Scott would waste no time getting this match underway, he would take Rage by surprise. But Rage would soon, well, get enraged and take over the match. Rage would put Fury in a submission hold and win the match. However, after the referee told Rage more than once to go to the back he would reverse the decision and make Fury the winner.

6th Match: One Fall
X-Kaliber vs Chuck Fears
Winner: X-Kaliber
Chuck made a valiant effort tonight agains the current European Champion. During the bout X-Kaliber would attempt to use his finisher The Sword and Stone, but would fail. However at the end of the match X-Kaliber would get the pin and walk away the winner.

7th Match: ASWF Title Match
Demon X vs Idol Bane
Demon X would yet again hang on to his title with Johnny Hawk in his corner. They would use a foreign object to knock out Bane and get the win.

8th Match: X-Division #1 Contender Match
Tommy Wayne vs Christopher Lee
Lee would come out fighting with a vengance. He would take control early in the match, but Tommy would pull a "rabbit" out of his hat and counter Lee. This little error would not stop Lee as he would pin Tommy for the win and a shot at the X-Division Title. After Tommy's loss The Establishment would take to the ring and attack Christopher Lee and use a chair on the ankle of Lee, maybe just putting that title shot on hold.

Credit: Terrance Ward @