Monday, October 26, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.24.09

Our first match of the night would be Cody Murdoch agains Seth Sabor. Murdoch with his size advantage would take control early on in the match against Sabor. Sabor would then use his agility and speed to take back the match with some outstanding dropkicks and a super kick that would plant Murdoch on the mat. However, the night was grim for Sabor as Murdoch would once again take over and use the Flatbed to take home the victory after the 1, 2, 3.

Tonight's second match would be The Enforcer vs Kid Krazzy. Krazzys high flying moves would not be enough to take down the ASWF Original as he would lose via pin fall.

The third match of the night was almost a joke for Ron Rage as he would take on Sancho Libre yet again. And yet again he would defeat Sancho Libre, but Sancho Numero Dos would come in the ring and lay out Rage. Rage would quickly get out of the ring and behold Dos would unmask and reveal that he was in fact Scott Fury. Fury would challenge him to a cage match next week at Halloween Fright Fest.

The fourth match of the night was Tim Hanson getting some revenge against Gravedigger. Both would be almost equally match until Gravedigger would order a casket be brought out. While the referees were arguing about why the casket was out in the arena, Gravedigger would hit Hanson with a foriegn object. He would then get the ref's attention and get the pin.

Tonight's fifth match would be pulse pounding as Mark Wolf would take on Cason McClain. Mark would get off to a great start but would soon slip and Cason would take over. With Athena and Murdoch in his corner Mark would not be alone this week as Morgan Williams would join him to even the odds. Mark would then land his finisher to a suprise to everyone and get the pin.

The sixth match would be Tommy Wayne vs Christopher Lee in a non-title match. Lee would state that he was almost 100% and that he made his injury seem worse than what it was to get the upper hand on Tommy. Even after all that, Lee would fall short as Tommy would get the pin over Lee.

Our Main-Event would be LSD's Cody Only and Deadly Dale going against Joshua Cross and Vinny Romano. LSD would dominate this match with style. Taking their opponents almost to hell and back, but they would begin to counter LSD and the fight would take to the outside of the ring. But Josh would pin Cody in the ring to get them the win. LSD would then challenge there opponents to an LSD Death Match next week at the Halloween Show.

Credit: Terrance Ward @