Monday, October 12, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 10.10.09

DCW Champ Ron McClarity comes out to start the show and says he is feeling generous tonite, and tells the Dogg Pound that if JD Kerry can beat Boss tonite in a one-on-one match-up, he will give him another title shot later on in the night. Kerry comes out and accepts challenge...

Match 1: JD Kerry vs. Boss
-very good match from beginning to end, Boss is really developing into a big-time player in DCW. He kept up with Kerry's speed and showed off some very good wrestling moves, but in the end JD Kerry using his experience by reversing a slam from Boss and rolling him up for the 1-2-3....JD Kerry is the winner!

Match 2: Gary Diamond vs. Tenjano Kid w/ Dangerous Dominique
-this was a re-match from last week b/c the match was thrown out. Match was pretty good, Ive said it before and I will say it again...TK and Dominique are the best heels around here, they get so much heat from the crowd. TK dominates most of the match but then Diamond builds his way back and gets the 1-2-3...winner is Gary Diamond! But after the match TK and Dominique both started to beat on Diamond...TK gave Diamond a piledriver and got a chair from the audience, and set Diamond it and gave him a super-kick....

Match 3: Lord Humoungous 1, Scott Hall, and Lord Humoungous 2 vs Logan Furry, Jon Allen, and Poker Face -Match was pretty good and since "Parts Unknown" keeps producing Lord Humoungous's b/c two of them showed up at the Dogg Pound Saturday Nite..Scott Hall looked like the Paul Bearer of old controlling two monstrous men in the ring. Hall and both Humoungous' destroyed Allen, Poker, and Furry...Lord Humoungous was also sporting a belt that I haven't seen in a while, not quite for sure were I've seen it, so maybe in weeks to come that will be revealed...winner of the match Scott Hall and both Lord Humoungous'!

Match 4: "Natural Born Playaz" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] vs. "Dynasty" [Mike Anthony/Blalok the Blazer] -this match was def the most entertaining of the nite...Dynasty's music hits but Southside throws Mike Anthony threw the curtain and tells the DCW sound crew to hit his music and let it play all the way through, and then Pimp opens the front door to the Dogg Pound and throws Blalok through it. This turns into a Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee concession stand brawl very quickly. I'm not lying when I say there wasn't a spot in the arena they didn't fight..well maybe except for the ladies bathroom. This was what a street fight is supposed to have in it...they used chairs, kendo sticks. I thought i saw Southside hit Anthony with a fans Dr. was pretty amazing! But in the end, Dynasty comes away with the 1-2-3 after isolating Pimp and beating on Southside...winner is Dynasty! After the match Blalok burns Southside with a ball of fire and Southside went down for a this was one of the best and craziest matches I've ever seen! Jon Allen comes in, in the end to run out Dynasty and Blalok tells him that he put is nose in the wrong situation...

After the intermission Acid makes his way into the ring to call out Rodney Mack, Acid precedes to tell Mack that he is gonna basically put him down and challenges him to a match.

Match 5: JD Kerry vs. DCW Champion Ron McClarity
-pretty dang good match. These two are phenomenal in the ring together, and Ron is def one of the greatest heels I've ever seen...No one can work the crowd like him! JD dominates the first part of the match taking the Champ down with arm-drag after arm-drag which were Ricky Steamboat esque arm-drags...Ron battles back and seizes control of the match like all champions due, neutralizing Kerry's spead by grounding him...Kerry is the best wrestler I've seen in the area for a very long time! JD starts to battle back but Ron rolls him up and uses the ropes to get the 1-2-3...winner and still DCW Champ Ron McClarity

Match 6: Acid vs. Rodney "Redd Dogg" Mack
-Rodney Mack delivers as always...I tell you what this match was pretty high-flying! Rodney does a cross-body over the top rope on Acid outside the ring and Redd Dogg crashes about two row deep into the rows, see you never know what ur ring-side seat will give u on a nite at the Dogg Pound. Acid beats on Mack outside for a little while, he throws him back into the ring. They went back and fourth for about six to eight more minutes until Mack hits the spear out of no-where...for the 1-2-...hold on the time on the match has ran out and new-play-by-play announce Jeff Perryman informs referee Tim and Redd Dogg that time has expired. Redd Dogg gets up and begs him for just five more minutes...Jeff signals for the bell to start and informs Redd Dogg he has five more minutes...Acid messes around on the outside and runs when Rodney goes after him but Acid still uses up all of Rodney's five minutes and Jeff Rings the bell...Redd Dogg gets up, and he is def upset with Acid and new color-commentator Jeff Perryman and tells him, he has something for him next time he crosses path with the Redd Dogg in his house the Dogg Pound....

Show was pretty amazing from start to finish...crowd was pretty good last nite around 180 or so last nite!

Credit: Jeff Perryman

----I thought Sid was suppose to work?? Maybe he was one of the other Lord Humongous characters?? Some of this is getting weird - not in a good way.