Monday, October 26, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.24.09 - DK Does #1 On A Grave!!

This past Saturday night was a crowd of about 75.

*Interview Dell Tucker/Randy talking about bringing the tag champion belts to Ripley and putting them on the line. JR Manson comes out and disputes the rematch and CJ/Jon Michael come out and start first match. Match goes over and Randy/Tucker are uncontrollable and nail Jon Michael in the head with steel chair. Jon Michael exits out on stretcher.

*O’Neal interview with Erik Hayes - wanting to wrestle while home from Military. O’Neal grants him his match against Shannon Lee

*Seth Knight vs The "Baron" Malkavain - Seth wins

*Tag Match with Tim Edwards/Tommy Redneck vs JR Manson/Tatt2 (Tim and JR dispute over not fighting each other since they are brothers)

*Erik Hayes vs Shannon Lee - Erik wins

*Plug for Halloween show - special bell time 7 p.m. with costume contest for a chance to win $50.00 for all ages

*Main event DK vs Stan Lee

Stan comes out for his main even match with DK. Dk's music plays but ends up being a taped interview. Derrick goes on his whole spill again about how Stan held him back, EWE is his, and that he is going to expose Ripley for what it is, however he took it to far this time. He had actually went to Stan's grandmother's grave site and urinated on her headstone.

As it is Derrick didn't show up so Stan begged for a match from Chris O’Neal. O’Neal was determined to fire Derrick but backed down for Stan's wishes. Stan has 3 way match against Rockin Randy and Dell Tucker.

Stan wins by DQ on Tucker/Randy from chair shot. Seth and CJ come out for save. CJ gets on mic and states he is tired of all this and is ready to put an end to it all.

Credit: DB

----I love the DK angle. It is one of those angles that will help the attendance or it will just turn off people. If they do not see an increase in tickets for the Halloween show, promoting the DK vs Lee bout, then this town is dead and the angle was not over!