Monday, October 05, 2009

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 10.02.09

-Homer Lee beat Hamhock.

-"East Coast Bad Boyz" [Spyro/C-Money] beat Pokerface and Hambone 1

-Scott Hall and Lord Humongous beat Sid Vicious and Buzzkill in a hair match. Buzzkill got buzzed, he lost his hair.

-"Natural Born Playas" [Southside Brawler and Pimptacular] beat beat War Machine and Hambone 2 to retain the tag team belts

-Main Event was Ron McClarity and Bishop, escorted by Rashard Devon, defeated Frankie Tucker and Knockout Kid. Ron and Bishop handcuffed Frankie to the corner and double teamed Knockout for the pin. The East Coast Bad Boyz made the save. The match was great, fighting everywhere, all kind of weapons used. Blood shed from the Kid and McClarity. The crowd loved the match just not the outcome.

There were 120 in attendance, someone had made mention that we only had about 70 that was incorrect. Just wanted to clear that up.

Credit: Kim Wallace

----Attendance was not as bad as reported here on Saturday, but they still had a 40% decrease from the first appearance of Sid/Scott.