Friday, October 23, 2009

RassleResults: NBW - Legacy 3 Newbern, TN 10.17.09

Legacy 3 opened with Commissioner Coco Anderson in the ring giving the crowd a rundown of the action set to take place throughout the evening!

The opening contest of the night was the Stairway to Stardom Ladder Match

A.J. Ray def. J. Weezy, Shannon Lee, Gaylon Ray and Syn to win Stairway to Stardom after Weezy and Gaylon pulled the contract down at the same time, but Coco had the ref distracted and A.J. Ray stole the contract and was awarded the match! It was a great match. Alot of effort and some nice big bumps in this match. After the match, Gaylon and Weezy continued to fight until Gaylon hit Weezy with a chair and Shook A.J. Rays hand.

Law & Order (Tim Davis/Eric & Ricky Hayes) def. The Missouri Bad Boyz (Renegade/Mark Southern/Cookie St. James) in a wild brawl. Coco Anderson was handcuffed to a fan to ensure he wouldn't be involved. After the match Tim Davis punched CoCo and bumped him out of the ring!

"The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & Sir Mo def. The Family of Pain (Sarge & Mickey Ray) after Sarge threw Mo into the announce stand eliminating him and then the FOP started a 2 on 1 beating on Moore until Jason Reed came to ringside and brawled with Sarge, which distracted Mickey long enough for Moore to hit the AceCrusher on Ray getting the 1,2,3!

Premiere Brutality ( Eric Wayne & Kid Nickels ) def. C4P ( Big Red & Motley Cruz ) to win the NBW Tag Team Championship in a good match. Look for these 2 teams to continue the fight for the gold as the score wasn't completely settled at Legacy!

"The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane def. "Superman" Jason Reed to win the NBW Championship match after Lane accidentally speared the ref and then thinking he saw an opening was motioning that he was going to hit Reed with the title until Jeremy Moore came out with a chair to make the save for his friend Jason Reed. Moore picked the title belt up and told Lane that Reed had his back and there was no way this was happening. Reed made his way to his feet and just then out of nowhere Moore blast Reed with the NBW Championship and the crowd went silent and then started booing and chanting "Jeremy Sucks". Moore exited the ring as Lane slid in and took advantage of the situation and pinned Reed for the 3. After Lane left Moore got back in the ring and delivered an AceCrusher to Reed on the chair and then spit on him before he left.

In the Main Event of the evening " The Enforcer " Mark Justice def Memphis Legend, Tommy " Wildfire " Rich by reverse decision after Rich pinned Mark with a flying crossbody for the 3 but Mark planted a chain on Rich and the Ref reversed the decision and awarded the match to Justice!

Great show! Crowd was 220+ and was treated to probably the best show NBW has put on all year. All the boys worked hard and everything paid off!

----It will be interesting to see if this Moore thing works...Funny how everyone gives NBW bad press, but when they do a big show they deliver - 220 - with $10 tickets. Also they are drawing a regular 80 to 100 fans, which out draws most groups in this area - including EWE and DCW. The only two probably drawing more fans are TIWF and DoggCW...Good endings at this show to promote further shows with Moore turning, Cruz/Red vs Wayne/Kid and probably more Lane/Reed...I thought Renegade retired??? WTF!!