Friday, October 16, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 10.3 and 10.10.09 Wrapup


J Weezy def. Gaylon Ray. Post match Gaylon punched weezy

A.j. Ray came out and said he had no competition. Coco Anderson then said he would find someone for him to wrestle. He then ordered buckwheat to wrestle ray. Ray def. Buckwheat

Austen Lane def. Jon "Biscuit" Roberts

Jason Reed came out for an interview and was interrupted by Jeremy Moore. Moore said that the reason he had kept walking away from Reed was because he didn't trust him. Reed said tonight he would prove himself. Moore told Reed not to stab him in the back again.

Mark justice def. Big red

"Family of Pain" [Mickey Ray/Sarge O'Reilly] def. Moore and Reed. Post match Moore said Reed did what he said he would do and that Sarge can never beat Moore fair and that at legacy he would have a partner to face the FOP and his partner would be.... Sir Mo!

Between 70-80 good show


Gaylon Ray def. J Weezy after a low blow

A.J.Ray def the Kid in a no DQ match and after the match beat Kid's knee with a ball bat

C Money def Eric Wayne after 187 got involved

Jason Reed had an interview and Moore came out and said Reed was on the right track to proving himself to everyone. This brought out Coco Anderson who said he was tired of the love feast and said Austin lane had the night off and so did Moore and since Reed was champion he would face the Devils Rejects in a handicap match.

Mark justice vs Kid Nikels went to a time limit draw

Reed vs. The Rejects was thrown out after the Rejects were going to destroy Reed and Eric Wayne and Nikels made the save and challenged the Rejects for the titles at Legacy 3!

Crowd was up between 90-100 good show

Legacy 3

Reed vs Lane for the nbw title

Justice vs Tommy Rich

The Devils Rejects vs Premiere Brutality for the nbw tag titles

Jeremy Moore and Sir Mo vs The FOP

Law and order vs The Missouri Badd Boys in a 6 man tag

Stairway to Stardom Ladder Match

Plus more!