Friday, October 02, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 9.26.09

An announcement was made that Jon Michael had been here earlier in the night but had left and it was being reported that he was being rushed to the ER, at which point Mark Justice came to the ring w/ Jon's Championship belt and said He had found this laying on his bag in the dressing room and He had nothing to do w/ Jon Michael not being there!

Stairway to Stardom Qualifying Match
Biscuit vs. Weezy ended in a 10 minute time limit draw, both men advance to Legacy 3

Stairway to Stardom Qualifying Match
Gaylon def. David Andrews and Geno Sydall in a 3-way to advance to Legacy 3

Jeremy Moore came out and stated on the mic that last week he didn't get his tag title rematch and that tonight he wanted to cash in, so he called out The Devils Rejects. Instead of getting who he asked for, none other than Sarge O'Riley came to the ring! Sarge said that CoCo Anderson had sent him out to inform Moore that he would not be getting a rematch as Ricky Andrews has failed to show up and he is strpped of his right to a rematch unless he could beat Sarge. Sarge said that Moore and NBW pushed him and Mickey out the door the week after they won the titles just so Moore could have the spotlight, Now its time for payback.

Sarge def. Moore by DQ after Sarge planted a chain on Moore. Post Match Moore was arguing w/ the ref and Sarge jumped him and Jason Reed made the save to a big pop. The match was then made for next week... Jason Reed and Jeremy Moore vs. The FOP.. As Reed was celebrating, Moore just walked off and left the ring.

CoCo Anderson/A.J. Ray def. Tim Davis/The Kid after CoCo blasted Tim w/ a chain. Anderson is now Commissioner of NBW.

The Devils Rejects def. Special Ed/LSD

The Main Event had to be changed from a 4-way to a Triple Threat due to Jon Michael being attacked. CoCo made the match happen anyhow.

Jason Reed def. Mark Justice and Austin Lane after Reed pinned Justice to win his first Heavyweight Championship in 5 years and first NBW Heavyweight Championship ever!

Good show. 80-90 in the crowd

Legacy 3 card so far.

NBW Championship
Jason Reed (c) vs. ???

Wildfire Tommy Rich and Sir Mo

Stairway to Stardom Ladder Match
Biscuit vs. A.J. Ray vs. Weezy vs. Gaylon vs. ??? vs. ???

More matches announced this week

Credit: nbwreporter

----I hate angles where they say someone is hurt at the ER. It is just stupid, especially when they have sites like mine. Jon Michael worked EWE as mentioned in a previous post...Is Moore turning?? He walks out on Reed?? That could be fun...RRO will be there live for Legacy 3!!