Tuesday, October 06, 2009

RassleResult.s: NEW West Memphis, AR 10.02.09

Tonight's show would be the last before the 1 Year Anniversary and Show 50 of NEW. Tonight's referee would be Chuck Poe and Announcer's John Steele and T-Bone Terrence Ward.

Before things would get kicked off, T-Bone would take to the ring with NEW Owner Ken Wayne, Josh Carney, and Alan Steele. T-Bone would go on to say that over the last couple of weeks that Carney had been targeted to get to Kid Nikels. Carney would state that he was tired of it and wanted a match against him tonight. Alan would reply, are you kidding me he has just signed his death warrant. Ken Wayne would make the match for later tonight but would add a stipulation to make things fair. In order for Steele to win he had to get a 1, 2, 3. In order for Carney all he would need is a 1, 2. Steele would be outraged but leave ring to prepare for his match later tonight.

Tonight's first match would be the first round elimination tag match for the US JR Heavyweight Title. Scott Fury vs Matt Justyce vs Dan Matthews vs Justin Smart. Fury and Matthews would start off this first round elimination. Dan would start off excellent and in control. During the heat of the battle, Dan would tag in Matt Justyce to take over. Fury would then tag in Justin Smart. The two would show off their excellent ring presence. However, to Matt's surprise he would be eliminated by Smart. Dan would then come to finish what he started last week, destroying Smart's knee. Smart would suffer for a while until he would outsmart Matthews and roll him up for a pin, eliminating Matthews. Just when Smart seemed to be on a roll he would be eliminated by Scott Fury. (Note: Fury and Smart would continue to next weeks tournament.)
Time: 9:05

Our next match would be the second round and just as hot. Austin Lane vs Mike Anthony vs Kolby Stern vs Kevin Charles. Austin and Stern would start off this bout on a fast pace. Stern would unfortunately worry more about his dance moves than Austin which would results in a slap in the face hear around the world. After Stern lost his senses Austin would tag in Mike to take over. Mike would take his turn dishing out some punishment against Stern but would tag in Charles to finish the job. Charles would plant his finisher the C4 and get the pin. Anthony would roll Charles up while he was distracted and eliminate him as well. And then there were two. Austin and Mike would fight tooth and nail for the better seat in the tournament for the title. Austin would prevail with a new signature submission that would make The Machine Mike Anthony tap out.
Time: 7:55

Our third match tonight was scheduled for one fall and a non-title match. Shawn Reed would take on the US JR Heavyweight Champion, 3G Eric Wayne. Reed had stated before the match that this would be their first match since his return. He also stated to Wayne that last time they fought he was the undefeated Eric Wayne, now he is just Eric Wayne. Reed would start off fantastic against the reining champion. Don't give your hopes up yet 3G would counter and put him in to submission and make Reed tap out.
Time: 4:40

Tonight's Main Event would not be for the faint of heart. Alan Steele would dominate this match, mainly to do with his size. This was a real life battle of David vs Goliath. It would seem that smaller Josh Carney would lose this match, but Kid Nikels would distract Steele as he was about to use his finisher on Carney. Carney would take advantage of the situation and roll Steele up for the 1, 2 victory.
Time: 5:30

Credit: Terrance Ward @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com