Sunday, October 25, 2009

RassleResults: RPW Metropolis, IL 10.23.09 - Sid/Scott Show Draws 600!!!!!!!!

Sid Vicious/Tojo Yamamoto Jr/Scott Hall

Opener 6ft 8 400lb monster titan beat Ed Love & Davey boy Sloan & Lil Big Nasty & Christopher Jade in a 5 way elimination match

2nd match RPW hardcore champ Rockstar beat RPW Southern IL champ Mike Michaels in a non title match

3rd match RPW heavyweight champ Cash Cavins beat Mekka Nyne

semi main Zac Jones managed by Mr Kryptonite beat Iceman Danny Ice

main event Tojo Yamamoto Jr & Reyes Moreno & Panic beat Scott Hall & Sid Vicious & Lord Humongous when Tojo Jr rolled up Scott Hall after he attempted a razor edge.

----600 paid to see the Sid/Scott show and they have become the top draws in the area.