Tuesday, October 13, 2009

(WGN) October 13: 25-year-old indy wrestler murdered, Diva trades, Maryse update, Ric Flair rumor killer, Jim Ross talks WWE contract and more


Tuesday October 13, 2009



25-year-old indy wrestler Zach Porter who wrestled in the Midwest as Napalm was shot and killed over the weekend in Lebanon, MO. The Laclede County Sheriff's Office said Monday that Josh Reyes, 23, Steven Pyykola, 18, Jacky Wong, 21, and a 16-year-old that cannot be named for legal reasons, were charged with first-degree murder in the death of Porter, who had began dating Reyes' former girlfriend, Miranda Smith. The suspects were also charged with the first-degree murder of Miranda Smith's father and step-mom; Jeffrey Smith, 51 and Glenda Smith, 48. Porter was shot several times at his girlfriends apartment late Friday night. He was taken to a local hospital but doctors could not save him. Minutes after the shooting a neighbor who was asked by Miranda Smith to check on her parents found their bodies at their home near Phillipsburg. Both had been shot to death earlier in the evening. A probable cause statement revealed that the suspects had conspired to kill Miranda Smith's grandparents too, but they could not find the grandparents' home.

Laclede County Sheriff Richard Wrinkle said that Jacky Wong purchased two 9mm guns used in the killings on Friday afternoon because he was the only one of the suspects who was eligible to purchase a gun because he is over 21, and didn't have a felony conviction or a request for a restraining order filed against him. Wong told investigators that he purchased the guns for Reyes. He said in the days leading up to the killings, Reyes had told him that he wanted to kill Miranda Smith over
custody issues and because she was dating a new man. Online court records show three separate occasions since 2007 in which someone, likely Miranda Smith, asked a judge for orders of protection against Reyes. Wong also told investigators that he had purchased three black hooded pullovers, three pairs of black gloves, three black ski masks, and a pair of black goggles all allegedly used in the killings. The adult suspects are currently being held in the Laclede County jail without bond waiting to be to be arraigned while the 16-year-old has been transferred to the custody of juvenile authorities. Miranda Smith left a message on Porter's Facebook Saturday that read: "To everyone who knew Zach, I am so sorry. He was taken along with my parents early this morning. I love you Zach, and know you're looking down on everyone you loved." Porter is survived by his sons, Derrik and Andrew Porter, his
parents Diane and Don Porter, his brother Daryl and sister Hannah.


10/12 Raw TV results from Indianapolis, IN: Big Show over Chris Jericho via CO; Jillian Hall over Mickie James to capture the Divas title; Melina over Jililan Hall to capture the Divas title; Cody Rhodes over Ted DiBiase Jr. & John Cena in a three-way; Jack Swagger over MVP; Kofi Kingston over Evan Bourne; Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim & Maria Menounos over Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes; and Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes over John Cena & Randy Orton. Dark match was Primo over Jamie
Noble; and taped for Superstars was Mark Henry vs. Chris Masters.

10/12 Smackdown house show results from Pikeville, KY: Cryme Tyme over The Hart Dynasty; R-Truth over Drew McIntyre; Eve Torres & Melina over The Bella Twins; Sheamus over Shelton Benjamin; John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler; Kane over Matt Hardy; Christian, Hurricane & Tommy Dreamer over William Regal, Kozlov & Jackson; and Rey Mysterio over CM Punk. Smackdown/ECW tape TV tonight in Louisville with Batista vs. Rey Mysterio; and the ECW main event is William Regal & Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Christian.

There is also a Smackdown tour of Mexico this coming week starting in Monterrey on Thursday with Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Batista, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Finlay, Cryme Tyme, Christian, and Michelle McCool all listed as appearing.


As noted during Raw, the Diva trades are as follows: Melina and Eve Torres traded from Smackdown to Raw; Beth Phoenix and Mickie James from Raw to Smackdown; Rosa Mendes from Raw to ECW; and The Bella Twins from ECW to Raw. One source noted the trades were just to change things up, and that there may be more roster changes coming. Melina is an interesting one because she was upset following the last draft when she was moved from Raw to Smackdown and believed that she and John Morrison
would be working separate brands.

Maryse is still rehabilitating her knee following surgery in July. She is a couple of week's away from stepping foot in a ring. During her down time she has been taking acting classes in Los Angeles.

Jim Ross confirmed on his website that his contract expires in December. He wrote: "There have been no serious negotiations but WWE seems to want me to stick around and I prefer to do so as well. We'll see how the negotiations proceed. I am fortunate that I have many options that have nothing to do with wrestling. Time will tell but don't believe every thing you read about matters such as this." He also noted watching the TNA show last week which was the Global Impact special taped in January at the Tokyo Dome: "I'm not 100% sure what TNA got out of the Japanese
deal but it did not blow me away and simply came off as a TV show from a unique locale."

At Canseco Fieldhouse after Raw last night there were people handing out flyers for an upcoming Jake "The Snake" Roberts appearance in Indianapolis.

The episode of Scare Tactics with Matt Hardy airs tonight on SyFy at 9pm leading into ECW at 10pm.

Snoop Dogg returns to guest host Raw next Monday in Jacksonville.

OK! magazine has a story on Nancy O'Dell as WWE magazine's Sexy Superfan of the month at http://tinyurl.com/yze84xr. She said if she was a wrestler her name would be Hollywood Highlights, and talked about Vince McMahon showing her a few holds.

Ted DiBiase wrote a letter to Georgie Makopoulos in response to the interview Paul Roma gave calling him "the devil". He said he was honest about his past in his book and was happy to work again with WWE. He wrote: "The truth is, the WWE has changed incredibly since my wrestling days. The work schedule is not as demanding overall, and the compensation is much better. Also, a state of the art drug testing policy brings accountability into the business that wasn't there before. People getting into the WWE now, know that there is zero tolerance for steroid and drug abuse. If I hadn't seen the changes I would never have given my son my blessing to go into the business. The programming, by the way, is once again, totally PG rated. The truth is, I'm still very much sold out to Jesus Christ. I don't think Vince McMahon is evil or the devil. I think he's a very shrewd business man. He's also the guy
responsible for the unbelievable fan base that professional wrestling enjoys today on a world wide scale. Please tell Paul Roma that's he's got it wrong all the way around, including how much I'm paid for going back and making an appearance. And the Million Dollar Man, well, that would be my son in the not so distant future!"

A rep for Andy Sandberg of Saturday Night Live told the Monday Night Mayhem radio show that Sandberg would not be hosting the upcoming Raw in Buffalo.

Rob Van Dam on his weekly radio show the other night had a call-in asking listeners whether he should return to WWE or go to TNA. One of our readers who tried to call in said that they were screening calls and asking listeners which way they were going to vote. They gave more airtime to the callers who wanted to see him in TNA. The fact is both companies would sign him up very quickly if he made himself available.

Linda McMahon's campaign team sent out an email to supporters last night responding to reports that she donated to Democratic candidates noting she helped far more Republicans, and that she has been upfront regarding her contributions over the years. They also released a new campaign ad talking up the success of WWE and the change from a TV-14 rating to PG http://tinyurl.com/ylkr9yp.


Terry Funk turned down coming in for Bound For Glory. The spot they wanted him for was as special guest referee in the Mick Foley-Abyss Monster's Ball match which went to Dr. Stevie, which probably makes more sense.

The latest TNA webshow with Sting talking Bound for Glory is online at http://tinyurl.com/yhx5fs6.

Playboy.com sent out an email this morning hyping the PPV with a photo of Traci Brooks.

A house show was added to the touring schedule for December 4 in Portland at the Cumberland County Civic Center.


Torrie Wilson wrote on her Twitter page last night that she was hospitalized and nearly died. She wrote: "Finally leaving the emergency room after a HUGE scare! Thought I was headin (sic) up to heaven... thanks for lettn (sic) me stay a bit longer Jesus!" She added that she had a bad reaction to some medication but is doing much better now.

The complete list of talent for the Hulkamania tour in Australia next month was released: Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Brutus Beefcake, The Nasty Boys, Rock of Love (email us if you have any idea who this is), Aumaga (Umaga), Mr. Ken Anderson, (nee Kennedy), Kishi (the former Rikishi), Orlando Jordan, Black Pearl, Pimp Fatha (The Godfather), Shannon Moore, Vampire Warrior (Gangrel), Heidenrich, Val Venise (Val Venis), U Gene (Nick Dinsmore), Paul London, Lacey Von Erich, and Stephanie Pietz (a
model). Tour organisers are asking fans to vote of what matches they would like to see at www.hulkamania.com.au.

The FOX News affiliate in Tampa on Monday had a report on popular Halloween costumes for kids noting the favorites this year are Michael Jackson, Vampires from Twilight, The Watchmen characters, and even Hulk Hogan.

Contrary to reports elsewhere, Ric Flair is not engaged... Flair is doing Sirius XM Radio today around 3:30pm on Channel 127.

Irv Muchnick is interviewed about his Chris Benoit book tonight on KRON San Francisco at around 6:45pm.

The Iron Sheik will be a studio guest on the Opie & Anthony show on Sirius XM radio on Friday from 9am. He is promoting his appearance at the Big Apple Wizard World convention this weekend in New York City, and apparently will cut a promo on Brian Blair over his recent accusations.

Just to clarify a report from last week, Melissa Coates is not relocating back to Ontario, Canada. She is working there in November and is available for additional bookings via www.melissacoates.com.

PWX runs in St Thomas, Ontario on November 7 with Petey Williams. More info at www.prowrestlingxtreme.com.

AskMen.com at http://tinyurl.com/yzddvtv has a story on gruesome sports injuries including Sid Vicious breaking his leg at the WCW Sin PPV at No. 8.

Ring of Honor at www.rohwrestling.com currently has 40% sale on merchandise using the promotional code, Oct40.

ROH wrestler Kevin Steen sustained a knee injury in Indianapolis and is scheduled to see doctors this week.

JBL wrote a new blog encouraging people to purchase Vitamin D from his online store to help prevent swine-flu.


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