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(WGN) October 2: TNA Knockout buries Angelina, Bischoff, Smackdown, Macho Man, Flair, Sheik, Duggan, and much more

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10/1 Superstars TV results: Shad Gaspard over Tyson Kidd; Sheamus over
Tyler Reks; and Kofi Kingston over The Miz.

No house shows this weekend.

Sunday is the Hell in the Cell PPV from the Prudential Center in Newark,
NJ. Line up is CM Punk vs. The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match for
the World title; John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a Hell In A Cell match for
the WWE title; DX vs. Legacy in a Hell In A Cell match; Chris Jericho &
Big Show vs. Batista & the returning Rey Mysterio for the tag titles;
John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC title; Kofi Kingston vs. The
Miz vs. Jack Swagger in a three-way for the U.S. title; and Mickie James
vs. Alicia Fox for the Divas title.

The advance for the show is weak. Ringside tickets are still available
as well as good seats all over the arena. They will need a very strong
walk up to sell out here.

Raw is Monday in Wilkes-Barre, PA with Ben Roethlisberger as the guest
host, and Smackdown/ECW tapes Tuesday in Trenton, NJ.

The Decade of Smackdown special tonight has a great Dwayne "The
Rock" Johnson promo; a very nice Eddie Guerrero tribute video package;
the return of Vickie Guerrero; Kofi Kingston & John Morrison vs. The Miz
& Dolph Ziggler; Michelle McCool vs. Melina in a Lumberjill match; and
the main event of John Cena, Undertaker & DX vs. CM Punk & Randy Orton &
The Legacy.

*** has a Q&A with Ben Roethlisberger talking up
Monday's Raw appearance. He said Vince called him to be on the show and
he would know that he is doing today because they are sending him the
script. That's funny because they don't even have Sunday's PPV finished
yet. He said he was a huge WWF fan growing up and some of his favorites
were Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. On whether he told his coach about
the appearance before hand, he said: "It’s our off day. I talked to him
about it, but I didn’t really ask for permission. I kind of went and
talked to him and got a feel for if he was going to have a big problem
with it. I figured he would tell me. But like I said, it’s our off day.
I want to let everyone know: I’m not coming off any top ropes or
anything. People are freaking out that I’m going to be doing something.
I’m not going to be doing anything crazy, so relax."

The Associated Press covers Roethlisberger's legal issues amid rape
allegations at

Not sure this is legit but for what it's worth the Canadian band
Thousand Foot Krunch has a new song whch may become the new Smackdown
opening music. You can listen at The bands
publicist told us: "As far as I know it is not confirmed yet for WWE".
Not exactly a denial...

Newsday at nails the Matt Hardy-Twitter

Speaking of which, Hardy was back on the Twitter again last night
claiming that because he was in the main event during recent house shows
this some how means he wasn't de-pushed on television. He also wrote:
"And to whom it concerns (you know who you are) - Thx for giving me what
I was looking for, twice actually. Looks like you ribbed yourself!"

Some on the creative team are sweating right now over The Ultimate
Fighter (Kimbo vs. Roy Nelson) doing a 3.7 rating on Spike beating out
Raw's 3.1 with Rev. Al Sharpton. Mostly worried about the next ride with
Vince on the WWE jet. This was the first time ever TUF trumped Raw in a
television rating.

The Fox News affiliate in Memphis has a great piece on Jerry Lawler and
his bid for Mayor, including footage shot inside his home, at

Sky Sports in the UK are currently airing a one hour version of the
Randy Savage DVD. The show airs at various times over the next couple of

Joey Styles hosted a WWE 24/7 Legends roundtable show on the lost art of
managing and southern wrestling in Stamford on Wednesday. The panel
consisted of Jim Ross, J.J. Dillon, Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin. Bill
Watts was originally scheduled but didn't make the taping due to travel

Chris Jericho appears tonight at the Fangoria Trinity of Terrors at The
Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. He is promoting his movie just out on
DVD, Albino Farm, which you can find out more about at

The Sun in the UK at has an interview with
Ted DiBiase Jr.

The Baltimore Sun at has a Q&A with Jim Ross.
He talks in-depth about the challenges of developing and building new

Rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show
said that WWE called them to be future guest hosts on Raw: "We've been
approached, so that's a possibly in the future."


10/1 TV results from Orlando, FL: Amazing Red over Sheik Bashir,
Kiyoshi, Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal in a five-way ladder match for
an X-Division title shot; Kevin Nash over Dr. Stevie; Christy Hemme over
Traci Brooks; ODB over Awesome Kong to retain the Knockouts title;
Hernandez vs. Kurt Angle was a DCO; Matt Morgan over Eric Young; and
Team 3D & Bobby Lashley over The British Invasion & Rhyno.

TNA run tonight in Zurich, Switzerland, and finish up their European
tour Saturday night in Dublin. We're looking for reader reports from
both shows to

There are TV tapings next Monday and Tuesday at Universal Studios in
Orlando. Already announced is Mick Foley & Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan &
Abyss; ODB vs. Tara; Kevin Nash vs. Hernandez; and Sting responds to AJ


The Miami Herald at has a story on Lacey Von
Erich. Not sure if she was told to say some of this but she comes off
like a chick from Mean Girls in this article, and totally buries
Angelina Love, even though she admits having never met her. When asked
about replacing Love in The Beautiful People, she said: "I feel like it
was made for me, and she [Angelina] wasn't a good fit for it in my
opinion. I thought that everybody was going to be, 'Oh no. Angelina is
gone,' but not one person said that. Nobody really missed her that much.
I feel like I can fill the shoes that I'm supposed to. TNA told me this
role was made for me, and I feel the same way. So when I met the other
members, Velvet and Madison, they are awesome. When I got there, we all
just felt like we were one group, and the band was completed. I've never
met Angelina before in my life. After what some people have said, I
don't know if I want to. I just feel like we can all be a group together
and shine together, so I'm excited about that.'' Lacey also noted
working on an acting career and that TNA allows her to pursue that
during her off days.

DirecTV will air a Bound for Glory Countdown show from October 7.

Ed Ferrera has apparently left his teaching job at Columbia College in

Shark Boy is the guest on the latest Hermie's Hotseat at

Mick Foley at was interviewed in today's
Evening Herald in Ireland. A nice piece. The writer wrote of Foley: One
has certain preconceptions before interviewing a professional wrestler.
It's a seriously macho activity, laced with connotations -- often
negative -- and rife with stereotypes. So, when I spoke to Mick Foley, I
didn't expect him to be a highly articulate, whip-smart and an
impeccably well-mannered gentleman.


A Ric Flair fan in Asheboro won the top prize in the Ric Flair
Whoooooooooo! scratch lottery. Frankie Shirley won $100,000 ($68,001.60
after taxes) and said he was going to use some of the winnings to go on
vacation. Perhaps he could buy that NWA title belt going up for sale
next week.

Iron Sheik made Maxim's list of 100 Twitter accounts guys should follow

Sheik also has a web show coming soon at

Ken Shamrock, Candice Michelle, Umaga, Lance Storm, Bobby Heenan, Matt
Morgan, Jackie Haas, The Nasty Boys, Christy Hemme, So Cal Val, Rick
Steiner, Shelly Martinez, ODB, Sonjay Dutt, Tammy Sytch, Steve Corino,
Greg Valentine, Dawn Marie, Blue Meanie, Stacy Carter, Sabu, King Kong
Bundy, Terri Runnels, and April Hunter are listed as appearing in Philly
this weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center for the Ultimate
Collectibles & Autograph Show. More info at

Tito Santana, The Honky Tonk Man, Al Snow, and Scotty 2 Hotty will be
appearing this weekend at the Long Beach Comic Convention.

Eric Bischoff was on discussing the upcoming Hulk
Hogan tour in Australia. He noted they are looking at doing a highlight
show that would air on PPV internationally as well as a DVD release. He
said the proposed Hogan-Flair TV project would be more documentary than
reality based and focus on them returning to the ring. at interviewed Kevin Thorn.

JBL's wife Merideth Whitney is featured in a piece in today's Wall
Street Journal.

A video of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's appearance at the WXW show in
Florida last weekend is online at

A teaser trailer for The Rock's upcoming movie The Tooth Fairy is online

Story on Jim Duggan coming to Cornwall, Ontario at


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