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(WGN) October 7: Steve Austin talks TNA, John Laurinaitis, RVD teases return, Booker T on the outs with TNA, weird Tammy Stych claim, Raw rating up, a


Wednesday October 7, 2009



10/6 ECW TV results from Trenton, NJ: Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson over Tommy Dreamer & Goldust; Yoshi Tatsu over William Regal; and Christian over Zack Ryder via DQ.


The Sun at talked to Steve Austin who is over in the UK promoting his latest movie, Damage. He noted turning down recent approaches from WWE to guest host Raw and appear on the Decade of Smackdown special. He said after his Hall of Fame induction he wants any future appearances to mean something: "I really want to be judicious with my returns to the WWE as I want them to be really impactful and well-written - everyone knows how critical I am of creative!" On TNA, he said he wished them well and talked about how competition is good for business. He said Vince Russo occasionally had a good idea but always needed Vince McMahon watching over him, because "on his own he is no good". He also buried Ed Ferrera over the Oklahoma character in WCW.

Austin just filmed an episode of the NBC sitcom Chuck.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista for the World title is scheduled for the Bragging Rights PPV.

Slim Jim will be the official sponsor for WrestleMania 26.

Either Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame or Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live will guest host Raw on October 26 in Buffalo.

Actress/singer Lauren Mayhew debuted as the new ECW ring announcer. She had sang the National Anthem at the last two Smackdown tapings and is being groomed for the role by Justin Roberts.

Raw on Monday night did a 3.3 rating which they were pleased with up against the Packers-Vikings game, which did a 15.3 rating and over 21.8 million viewers, becoming the most watched show in the history of cable

Natalya is using her off days to help train the girls in developmental. Mia Mancini (Serena Deeb) is considered the standout out of the current crop and said to be light years ahead of the other girls.

WWE talent chief John Laurinaitis at gives advice to wrestling students about how to make it in the business. He noted being so busy he only visits his own developmental group about three times per year.

A kid broke their ankle diving to catch John Cena's hat that he tossed into the crowd during Raw in Wilkes-Barre. As the kid was taken out of the arena to an ambulance one of the WWE vendors gave his mom some free merchandise. Mission accomplished.

The Ultimate Warrior is now listed in the alumni section of

Rob Van Dam on his WWE Universe blog asked whether he should return to WWE or go to TNA.


Booker T was the subject of much gossip at the TV tapings, mostly due to his attitude during the European tour last weekend over the incident in Switzerland where he refused to wrestle. He told friends recently that he doesn't expect to continue with TNA beyond his current deal and mentioned going back to WWE. Jason Powell of also reported last night that there was an issue on Tuesday where Booker was unhappy with the finish of a match with Matt Morgan, and the match never took place as a result.

Rhaka Khan is officially gone. No surprise there.

Don West has a new on-air role as the manager/cheerleader of Amazing Red.

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman are supposed to be shooting a low budget movie next week in Louisville, KY. I believe it's called Death Match.

You can check out the DVD artwork for Kurt Angle's movie, River of Darkness at The film, out on DVD next year, stars Angle as the hero small town Sheriff hunting down two evil Zombies - Kevin Nash and Sid Eudy.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has decided to close down the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, site of the former TNA Asylum. Mayor Dean said he plans to redevelop the area beginning next summer. Story is at (Thanks to Devin Cutting)

TNA staffer Ross Foreman updated his blog at talking about life on the road and running a marathon in Chicago this weekend.

Mick Foley joked on his blog that he took Awesome Kong as his date to a Tori Amos concert in Dusseldorf last weekend while the crew toured Germany. He wrote: "I know there are rumors circulating around that I sang a German love song to Kong after the show in Hannover in an attempt to woo her away from Brother Devon, with whom she had shared an extended lip lock during the main event match-up. And I know that, in an attempt to heal my emotional pain, Ms Velvet Sky engaged me in a spirited game
of "motorboat" and that I declared undying love to each of her breasts. BUT OTHER THAN THAT; i BELIEVE MY BEHAVIOR ON THIS TRIP HAS BEEN EXEMPLARY. I hope some of you get reports about the main event in Hannover, because it truly was one of the most fun matches I've been involved with."

Free autograph signings were announced to push Bound For Glory on campus at UC-Irvine: Knockout Traci Brooks and World Elite superstar Brutus Magnus will be appearing together on campus Monday, Oct. 12, for a one-hour signing starting at 1pm... Los Angeles legend Daniels and Tara will be on campus Thursday, Oct. 15, for a one-hour signing starting at 1pm... Then, on Friday, Oct. 16, TNA superstars Brother D-Von and Velvet Sky will be signing autographs, starting at 12 noon. Locations are the Student Center Ring Mall, directly in front of Starbucks, and Humanities Ring Mall, directly in front of HIB 100.


Today is the eighth anniversary of the passing of "Gentleman" Chris Adams. He became one of the most loved (and hated) wrestlers during the glory years of World Class in Dallas and was responsible for training the biggest money draw in the history of the business, Steve Austin. He also popularized the superkick finisher still used today by Shawn Michaels and others. Film maker Mickey Grant produced a very well done
documentary about Adams' life several years ago. You can find out more at

Juan Rafael Rodriquez Mamani who worked as Ghenghis Khan for Titanes en el Ring died this week from liver cancer in Argentina. He was 69. He worked for Titanes and Lucha Fuerta in Argentina, and the Super Catch promotion of Paraguay. (Thanks to Marvin Joel Rubin)

Dr. Death Steve Williams sent out an email last night noting his cancer has returned. He said he recently underwent chemo and an experimental pill called Sorafenib, but he suffered some side effects, and neither worked. He wrote: "We are going to beat this as you all know, I beat once I'll do it again. God has the last say on this and I have much work to do for him so please pray for me it work. You are welcome to pass this on. Just let everyone know the Doc with the best tag partner God we will have the 1 2 3."

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was on her Facebook again yesterday claiming a TNA Knockout was pregnant. She later retracted the statement saying she wrote it for fun to trick wrestling websites. A really weird way to get yourself noticed, and to alienate yourself from another major wrestling

On a related note, today after she found out that Sytch had threatened Lacey Von Erich with harm in another post, Dawn Marie sent out the following statement regarding the Wrestler's Rescue cruise next year: Wrestler's Rescue is positive the talent in question will act professional in our upcoming cruise. I am confident the talent in question will act professional, and I will accept nothing but
professionalism on the Wrestlers Rescue Cruise ‘Slam On The High Seas’ that will depart on July 26, 2010 departing from Tampa, FL, and return on July 31, 2010. For more information (including activities, appearances, etc.), please visit

Hulk Hogan at released a new promo for his Hulkamania tour. During the promo he calls Ric Flair a "14-time world heavyweight champion" I guess ignoring his two WWF title reigns. Actually the real number would be between 18 and 22 depending on the source.

Flair appeared at the North Carolina Seafood Festival in Morehead City this past weekend promoting his lottery card.

Kevin Thorn is interviewed at

The AIW group runs an all-girl show Saturday in Cleveland, OH at McCarthys Downtown with Sara Del Ray, Jennifer Blake, Jessika Havoc, Allison Wonderland, Roxie Cotton, Brooke Carter and "Super Oprah". More info at

Jerry Lynn is working the NSF event in Temple, TX on October 17.


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