Friday, November 06, 2009's Rob Russen Book Gets A Good Review!!

----Ron Marshall of the PUGILIBRI bookstore in California sent the comment below. The book "8...9...10..You're Out" by Rob Russen that published is available by clicking the HERE or going to will also be posting ordering info on Sunday about a new book that will be available this Tuesday from I will also have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in the next few weeks about a new book that Brian Thompson and I are working on with a big time wrestling legend!! We also will be publishing Yearbook 2009 in January, 2010.

"I read the book, and even though I've been actively following the sport since 1956, in which time I've literally read several hundred books and innumerable magazine and newspaper articles, I found your book be be much more revealing than almost any other in my collection. I especially found the dynamics of the Terry Davis - Sylvester Stallone relationship to be extremely telling, as it literally blows the lid off of Stallone's public persona."