Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheap Heat by Gene Jackson - 11/10/09


Well hopefully I will be back to posting regularly now.....I'm gonna be honest...some of it will be pro wrestling related.....some may be MMA related....some may just be my personal rantings about any number of, movies, tv, women, and just life in general. When you come across the things that don't strike a chord with you feel free to pass them over....hopefully at different times in different columns there will be at least SOMETHING for everyone. Let's get started with this week's topics.


Ok, so in my last column I went into a completely shoot tangent about my upcoming divorce and the possible fallout and upsides to it.....I want to thank all the guys who took the time to contact me and offer their words of encouragement....Garry White was especially helpful and it meant at lot that he took the time to say what he said...but many others did as well be it through phone calls, email, texts, my best friend Neil Taylor, Axeman, Coach BT, D-Rock, and a bunch more......thank you so much for taking the time to do don't know how much it means to realize that there are people out there that still care about you.....and I don't care what anyone says....I've heard it said countless times that "there are no friends in the wrestling business"......well I have found that not to be true it's just like anything else....yeah, I've met a lot of shady sorry ass people in the wrestling business but I've also made some of my very best friends who would do anything to help me out (and have many times) so don't buy into that B.S. that all "workers" are bad's just like everything else a certain few fuck it up for everybody. Anyway....back to the original topic...the divorce will be under way soon and I will be as they say, "free at last, free at last, thank God Allmighty, I'm free at last!"........Now is the hard part.....I'd really like to move back to Mississippi but I can't transfer my job over there and I'm making too much money to just walk away and start I think I may be staying put here in Albertville (since the EX will be moving away)....I have a lot of good friends here so it should be cool....and now without a wife nagging me, I can come to Mississippi plenty to wreak havoc on wrestling shows and hang out with my friends and family.


So Friday night I went along with my buddy Ned to the TFW show in Skyline, got to see a few people I a few I didn't .....and had a great time catching up with my friend Tommy Dobbs that runs that joint.....hell I even ran into Special Ed down was great......I sat out there and did commentary most of the night with Axeman until I saw some injustice I just couldn't tolerate anymore so I went ringside to argue on my friend's behalf and somewhere in the commotion apparently a fan threw some sort of object into the ring knocking Johnny Morton out cold!! Not sure what the object was but in the interest of Morton's safety Neil quickly covered Johnny for the 1-2-3! If I could be serious for a, please do not throw objects into the ring, your gonna kill one of these jobbers one of these days....not to mention what if it had hit the champ......well I mean obviously he's the champ, he wouldn't have sold it but it would have looked bad at the very least.

Other brief TFW notes.....I know they've been criticized in the past for their "accomodations" but in this building they are in now it's a pretty sweet set up. I liked it.......A few things....I sat around in the dressing room thinking I must be in a movie called "Honey, I shrunk Matt Morgan".....turns out it was David Andrews! Dave was much bigger now than he was the last time I saw him during his AJ Styles phase and I have to say he looked better in the ring.....He was also cordial and nice in the dressing room after I'd been a total dick to him in the past in person and in my the dude has won my respect cause he came right up and shook my hand and there was no heat and you have to give the guy credit for that. My only complaint was I finally make it to a TFW show again and my boys Chris Styles and Josh Matthews weren't even there! Oh well, I hope to be back SOON!


The Strike Force card Saturday night was better than of the fights really sucked but the Fedor match delivered, the guy got some good shots in on him but Fedor is a freakin' sucks he won't go to UFC and fight Lesnar....I'm a mark for Brock, but I don't think he could take Fedor at this if the fight doesn't happen for another 5 years or so....may be a different story.


The war of words rages on about who is the REAL LORD HUMONGOUS.......The real question here folks isn't who is the real Lord Humongous, is it Gary Nations or Sid Jr? The real question is WHO GIVES A FUCK??? It's a played out gimmick from the 80's that hasn't gotten over in YEARS!! Seriously, who gives a shit? Just flip a damn coin and the loser has to be Doink the Clown from now on or Mr. Wrestling 43 or whatever.....give it a rest already....honestly.


So I know I've had several false starts in recent months trying to resurrect Cheap Heat Radio all of which have been due to my wife or kids or someone causing conflict well by the end of the year it will be just be me and my awesome dog, Lola here and there will be no reason not to put C.H.R. back on the air......but I'm gonna warn you if this happens, it will be a new more just straight interviews....there will be interviews but I will try to have at least one co-host to help out and I plan to do a lot of the round table discussions since I've received hundreds of cards and letters demanding it! (ok...not really it was actually just Psycho who mentioned it at IHOP the other night that he likes to listen me, Gary, and Neil bullshit on there...but everyone knows Psycho has his finger on the pulse of the wrestling if he likes it then dammit it must be a good idea). So anyway be on the look out for's gonna happen for real this time I swear.....If you have a topic you'd like to discuss on the air that you think others would find interesting regardless of whether your a worker or a mark (in most cases.....same difference) email me at and we'll try to make it happen.

I've got some ideas for some upcoming columns so as I said look for more activity now that I'm single once again.....and if you haven't already be sure and add me on myspace.....
Also, I've finally got me one those little bios to post at the end of my column like everyone else.

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