Friday, November 06, 2009

The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight

Hey Everybody… I’m back again this week to run off at the mouth about this week’s columns. Now last week was fun and I had a lot of mean and uncalled for things to say, but this week is different. The columns I’m going to touch base on today are mostly positive columns and aren’t written by any douchebags….Not that the ones last week were, in any way, written by one. So basically what I’m saying is it will be a lot harder to say anything negative about such positive articles so this week's Blast will be more of an agree or disagree type. Here we go…

Greg Anthony as you all may know is my brother in law. We have a very different style in the ring and different opinions of what is awesome or great when it comes to wrestling. His column is always short and to the point but never fails to make a valid and interesting read. This week he wrote about two matches that pushed him into this game we call pro wrestling. The two matches he chose were Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat and Undertaker vs. Mankind in a Hell in the Cell.

The Hell in the Cell match went leaps and bounds over anything anyone had done in the ring at that time. There was no Ultimate X or Elimination Chamber. This was the most dangerous match anyone could think of. I remember Greg telling me the story of being there and watching that match and the people he was with saying things like “The mat is rubber” and “The blood is ketchup” and my personal favorite “The tacks aren’t really stuck in him”……Fake tacks? How does that work exactly? And how do you make ketchup run out of peoples heads? Mick took an epic fall and I was blown away, We all were.

Ric Flair vs Steamboat was great for totally different reasons than the Cell match was. When these two got in the ring it was like magic. They don’t really have the kind of matches I like to watch but I know a great match when I see it. They always had great matches.

I enjoyed reading your column this week bro. It was good as gold..

Bruno’s column this week was about Austin Lane, Whom I have known for years and years. Austin is a hard worker with all the tools it takes to make it and all the tools it takes to stay there. He has the talent to make it then he also has the ability to not run his mouth and get himself fired like so many young guys do. He knows he’s good but he doesn’t run off at the mouth about it. That makes me respect him that much more.

Bruno is a great guy himself. He’s worked all these years for WWE and never has it given him a big head. He has Vince McMahon on speed dial but doesn’t act like he’s any better than anyone else in the locker room. That’s a special kind of guy, right there.

Two class acts who have a lot in common. Nice column.

Now I’m to my favorite column of the week, Brian Tramel’s “My day with Derrick King”. Now I hope everyone knows this article he wrote is meant to be funny. Was it funny? Well that would depend on who you ask. Personally I love this kind of ridiculous ranting and imagination. How can I technically judge what he wrote and put in my two cents on something that isn’t even real? Well I think I’ve figured it out. Let me start over….

Brian Tramel got to spend the day with Derrick King. This as you all know is a huge deal since Derrick doesn’t have many friends or people hanging around him much. He is also very hard to find at a time that he isn’t busy doing lots of important things. Derrick King as you all know is the 3 time RRO wrestler of the year and if he keeps hanging out with BT he will prolly win it again.

How dare the host of that party not keep extra chicken for Brian and DK. honestly, he deserved the kick. But the real reason DK kicked him was because he was aiming the mustard at him….Don’t ever aim the mustard at Derrick King.

Why was a guy you didn’t even know at your kid’s birthday party? He deserved the
superkick for being at a child’s party he wasn’t invited to.

Derrick HATES it when people are drunk and wild at a club. "Tiny Dancer" is a great song. But he should have dedicated “Fat Bottomed Girls”….That’s what makes your rockin’ world go round…

If Derrick Kings superkick didn’t hurt Sid Humongous, you prolly should have asked Eric Wayne to kick him. We all know no matter how big you are, a broken orbital bone will take you down a peg or two...

Stop going to hockey games and starting fights. Who fights at a hockey game?! Is anything in Steele, MO? High-rise? Who told you I picked Dustin Starr? That is classified info and you weren’t supposed to talk about that meeting. Jamie Jay was shady cause DK told him he was gonna superkick you and he was debating on telling you or not. I still think 24Karot Express would have been a cooler name. Who is Nelson Royal?

Then Derrick superkicked me for writing too much….

OK Guys, I had a blast this week writing my article, Maybe next week I will have meaner things to say since everyone enjoyed that last week. See you then. . .