Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight

Hey RRO Readers, Seth Knight here. Its my birthday…Or well the day after my birthday if u read this on the 13th and damn it was a great birthday. Got to eat dinner with friends and family and really celebrate. It was wonderful.

RRO had some great columns this week, And I would love to add some insight to them. Let’s check them out…

First up is Jamie Jay’s column entitled “Food for thought” which this week is basically about you guessed it, food. Jamie says that one of the best things to do when you wanna get in good shape is eat. Well, that sounds great. I love to eat. The problem is you have to eat food that is GOOD for you.

Here lies the problem for me because food that is good for you is so so so much more expensive than fatty nasty food. I go to Sonic. A burger is a dollar…wonderful right?...Well the burger is bad for you, we all know this. But the Chicken wrap is good for you and cost 3 dollars. Wouldn’t it be hard to not buy the burger and tots and a drink and an extra burger for 3 bucks instead of the just the wrap? Of course it is. You will be hungry ten minutes later if you get the wrap. Money is one of the main reasons I’m not in the shape I want to be in, because it’s cheaper to eat food that’s bad for you than food that’s good for you.

I’m doing my best to eat fat free turkey and wheat bread and the things I need to eat but I just cant afford to eat 6 times a day. Junk food is a lot cheaper than the stuff I need to eat. I would love to eat sweet potatoes and baked this and fat free that but damn it’s hard to afford to eat right. It’s cheaper and easier to be a fatty and that’s why America is fat.

Yes I asked Jamie about working out. I said, “Jamie, What’s your work out bro?” He said “I eat….alot” I was like Damn, I thought starving myself and running was the key but now, apparently you have to eat to lose weight. Great advice but most people would just go eat nutty buddies or peanut butter crackers or cheesecake instead of things that are good for you or healthy. Jamie Jay says that Dustin is in great shape but he is TOO thin and skinny. I have to agree. He is now a cruiserweight and wrestles a heavyweight style. People his size do moonsault’s, shooting star presses, and all kinds of top rope moves and I cant remember ever seeing Dustin Starr do any kind of flip or flashy move. He’s a heavyweight style wrestler and now he’s small and needs to change his style. Maybe he can work on that next time he gets in a ring whenever he’s done MC’ing hockey games. But how many guys Rey Mysterio’s size do you see who don’t do some kind of flip or Sault or plancha? They are gonna expect that kinda thing from a guy as small as Dustin. But, Don’t worry about working too much before the big show, Not everyone gets hurt before their big night on WWE tv.

On a personal note, I think Dustin Starr is in phenomenal shape, I just think he’s too focused on making it big in WWE. So focused he isn’t wrestling enough around here or in other areas to get a feel for the schedule he will have when and if he makes it on the WWE roster. There’s not many nights off to MC hockey when you work for WWE. I would want to get as much ringwork as possible if I’m planning on working for Vince. But that’s just me….

Gene Jackson’s "Cheap Heat" is a great article. I like how he talks about anything and everything that comes to mind and doesn’t stick solely to wrestling.

He says who gives a fuck about Lord Humongous……I couldn’t agree more. Who the hell is Gary Nation? Who cares if he’s under a hockey mask or if it’s Doink or Kane or Seth Knight? No one cares. No one cares if he wrestles or not and no one cares if Sid is dressed as him. Any jobber can wear a mask and come out saying he’s Lord Humongous but what exactly is Humongous? Most people who play humongous are just Lord Huge or Lord large, not really humongous at all really. I’m not scared of a sixteen year old in a hockey mask.

Brock Lesnar can beat the shit out of anyone in MMA. Fedor has no chance of beating Brock. I think he is the freakin man now. He will be champion for a long time to come. Fedor won't come to UFC cause hes a big fish in a small pond where he is and he knows hes better off not fighting Lesnar and making people wonder. Brock is awesome if you ask me. Hell I think Kimbo could come closer to beating Brock than Fedor. That’s just my opinion.

This is the place where I was going to give insight to Eric Wayne’s “Wayne’s World Party time excellent!! Column" but he must have decided he couldn’t think of anything that didn’t involve him so he didn’t write one this week. L Very sad to hear. I was looking forward to it but apparently it’s not meant to be this week.

It’s been a blast this week. See you next week.